Tren Loco


Tren Loco is an Argentinian heavy metal band formed in 1990 in the suburban town of Grand Bourg (Greater Buenos Aires).

Most of their lyrics are about social issues, like "Clase trabajadora", "Fuera de la Ley" and "Lucila"; while others are about political issues, such as "Pampa del Infierno" and "Nos vemos en Cutral-Co".
They also write about personal matters: "Endemoniado", "No me importa" and "A ultranza".
The name of the band is a literal translation of the classic Ozzy Osbourne song: "Crazy Train".

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Miembros:Carlos Cabral (3), Cristian Gauna, Gustavo Zavala (2), Pablo Soler, Roberto Fuentes (2), Sergio Rojas (5)




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