Led Zeppelin as reviewed by telwin5000

12 de noviembre de 2020
Good artists borrow, great artists Steal, or something like that. How many of the great blues men just regurgitated what came just before but when Led Zeppelin or the Stones did it its a big deal.

Led Zeppelin nick12202

23 de marzo de 2020
There is an absolutely stunning amount of Unofficial releases in every category here. It would be a full time job to just go through them all and remove them.

Led Zeppelin Mart_the_tart

20 de noviembre de 2019
THEE greatest band in rock history, there are no greater

Led Zeppelin WestCoastDreams

14 de marzo de 2020
I love how you have to pick certain songs to describe their originality. And It also shows how their originals weren't as good, Only one on that list that got a lot of radio play is Ramble On, but what else? Stairway to Heaven? Whole Lotta Love? Thank You? Misty Mountain Hop? And their ENTIRE first album except for "Good Times, Bad Times"? Their "legacy hits". And for how blues and folk is based on borrowing, sure thing, except Zeppelin STOLE riffs, lyrics, and credits. Nobody's saying the first person to use the blues chord progression owns it.

Led Zeppelin Mart_the_tart

19 de enero de 2020
WestCoastDreams - clearly an uneducated troll. Anyone educated knoews that blues and folk music is based on borrowing, and as for emulating old blues musicians... what blues musician are they trying to sound like on Ramble On, Friends, Tangerine, That's The Way, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, Battle Of Evermore, etc, etc

Led Zeppelin WestCoastDreams

21 de diciembre de 2019
editado about 1 year ago
Yeah, because they stole half their material and the rest was just emulatinh old long-gone bluesmen

Led Zeppelin Llenyataire

3 de noviembre de 2019
One of the most famous cover bands in music history.

Led Zeppelin katlo59

11 de febrero de 2020
Friggen classic!! Although 95% of the time their quite original i.e. "You Need Love" Winterland 4/26/69 !!Yeah i'm a Zep freak since '72 but gotta say partly right & totally hilarious !!!!!!

Led Zeppelin alphagrade

15 de febrero de 2018
Hearing this on a lovely near mint 1971 pressing for the very first time (and now on my third listen), and this is such a phenomenal timeless album. It doesn't matter what genre of music you favour and even (like me) you think that heavy metal is rather embarrassing, this album is a work of art. I can't quite put my finger on it or explain why it works so well (guitar solos tend to bore me), but on this album, it all works so beautifully. Whatever you pay for this on vinyl, it is money well spent.

Led Zeppelin alphagrade

21 de julio de 2018
Apologies, this review was for a pressing of 'IV' and this bargain pressing:

Led Zeppelin Ben1999

19 de febrero de 2018
Thank you for such a charming review, but which album is this for? Is it Led Zeppelin IV, and if so, which version, of the numerous examples from 1971, is it?

Led Zeppelin Rich.C

22 de diciembre de 2016
editado over 4 years ago
...Led Zeppelin are to rock what Pele is to football, what Plato is to philosophy...forerunners, harbingers call them what you wish they are/were 4 very talented musicians.
There's been a lot of bunk stirred up about Led Zeppelin over the years. Accuse the band of blues-ploitation, accuse them of occultism, accuse them of selling out. Join, if you wish, the Lilliputian chorus assembled against them; or join the majority for whom mere mention of the band inspires awe. From the raw intensity of "Communication Breakdown" to the cosmic sonorities of "Kashmir" and dubbed-up funk of "D'Yer Mak'er," Zeppelin's music almost never fails to compel. In their prime, Robert Plant's vocal range seemed as wide as the Milky Way, while Jimmy Page set new standards for sloppy perfection on guitar. Meanwhile, John Paul Jones has only John Entwistle to compete with for the centerfold spot in the Who's Who of bass guitarists. And though John Bonham's aspirations ultimately proved to be his undoing, he is revered by many as rock's most powerful drummer. Together they developed the mother tongue from which every Metal dialect derives -- a tongue spoken in psychedelic blues phrases delivered at overdriven speeds. Inevitably, Zeppelin will continue to be passed down like a sacred amulet by older brothers, uncles, fathers and eventually grandfathers to new generations of adolescents getting hip all over again to bell-bottoms, long hair and marijuana.

Led Zeppelin zencoyote

16 de enero de 2018
Well said. I think it's fair that music, like language, evolves from a foundation laid down by an endless procession of ancestors. Even so, there will always be those nodes of history where something magical appears to come together. Zepp was definitely one of those nodes. Hopefully you were as lucky as I was to witness that piece of history.

Led Zeppelin nagyphilip

20 de noviembre de 2016
What a classic band. Sure they stole A LOT of old blues stuff, but i still LOVE them!

Led Zeppelin mcp59

16 de julio de 2017
I like to think of it as recycling. Their only 'crime' was to credit the original artists but they made them popular with a much wider audience. ;-)

Led Zeppelin Vince_plumber

1 de febrero de 2016
I have a copy of Physical Graffiti ss 2-200 where the label on all four sides says ST-SS- 753311 CSM. Cant find it in here, either does any of the matrix number match any in here.

Led Zeppelin Kadink

15 de noviembre de 2016
I assume you have a US edition - CSM indicates it was pressed by Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria.

Led Zeppelin ilovepsb

28 de septiembre de 2015
I had the chance to attend a concert when they came to Paris, on April,2 1973: 2 hours1/2 of Heaven !!!

Led Zeppelin Frankiko

4 de mayo de 2015
I.m.o., best band ever!!!

Led Zeppelin as reviewed by Pseventeen

15 de febrero de 2005
editado over 16 years ago
The debate of who was the greatest band of all time is all a matter of opinion and personal taste so I won't tread those waters. Instead I'll add that Led Zeppelin were certainly one of the most influental bands of all time. They were the first to play really heavy blues with John Bonham getting their unique deep bass drum sound by using the oversized kick drum a la Gene Kruppa. With Plant's mystical, high pitched vocals, Jimmy Page's guitar genius and John Paul Jones' musical knowledge for just about any instrument in existance, Led Zeppelin started taking Rock to new levels with their first two albums. With Led Zeppelin III & Led Zeppelin IV (aka Zofo), they really came into their own and people stopped comparing them to Black Sabbath. All from a band comprised of leftovers from the Yardbirds, that rumor has it was named by the Who's drummer Keith Moon when he said that this band was going to 'go over like a led balloon'.
After Bonzo's death, the group felt they could not go on and still have their "Led Zeppelin" sound as they felt that Bonham's drums were a vital component to that sound. Now their music belongs to the ages.

Led Zeppelin as reviewed by Mr.Fonk

22 de enero de 2005
editado over 16 years ago
Led Zeppelin - in my opinion the greatest Rock Band of all times. They formed in 1968 from the Ashes of the new "Yardbirds", and though the first Album did not show all of their talent, Plant & Page's Blues-interpretations and their uncompromising Hard Rock opened a whole new dimension to Rock n Roll.

They filled stadiums troughout the world from 1970 till 1980, but drugs and alcohol often led to severe problems, that couldn't even be solved by their brawny manager Peter Grant. John Bonham - maybe the world's best drummer - passed away on September 25, 1980 due to alcohol abuse. This was the end, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant disbanded the group, because John Bonham seemed to be irreplaceable to them.

Led Zeppelin wiffels

17 de marzo de 2017
Don't believe it was just alcohol abuse!And Peter Grant was just as 'at it' as a couple of his band.And I am certainly not trying to be negative about this.Of course they were a great band who I saw many times BUT society still tries to make out if you f..k up on Heroin, which was everywhere then,you are some kind of leper but if you abuse alcohol for years which is eventually far more damaging its ok!Hence even now people try to rewrite history with a stream of famous rockers who died from drug-drug/alcohol abuse to alcohol-weird!