The Itals


Famous Reggae vocal group originally comprised of boyhood friends Ronnie Davis (before with The Tennors), Keith Porter and Lloyd Ricketts from the Negril region of Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica. (they begin by forming the group The Westmorelites in 1968 with Roy Smith (3) and sometimes Ronnie Davis) They formed the "Itals" in 1976 (not to be confused with The Itals (2) or The Itals (3) or The Itals (4)) after the single released by Keith Porter, Ina Dis Ya Time became a hit (they have their first records in 1975 (Run Baldhead Run) with the name "Johnny Smith & The Future Generation" and Johnny Smith (5) & Future Generation Inc. - Natty Dread A Come). Their producer, Lloyd Campbell, felt a group could be more successful than a solo artist so The Itals was formed, with Keith being the main composer and lead vocalist. Lloyd Ricketts left the group due to legal issues and was replaced by David Isaacs in 1987. David died in 1994 and was replaced by Keith's daughter Kada. Ronnie Davis left the group in1997 to record a solo album (and a return of the Tennors). Keith continues to tour with two of his children, Darien Porter and Kada Porter, providing harmonies and has released several solo albums: Mi Livity in 2003, Get it On in 2019, Ital Music in 2020 as well as an Itals reunion with Let Dem Talk in 2009. Keith is the only remaining member of the original Itals still living.

Aliases:The Westmorelites, West Molites
Members:David Isaacs, Keith Porter, Lloyd Ricketts, Ronnie Davis, Roy Smith (3)
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