Eminem arnold123

29 de enero de 2020
Sold his soul a long, long time ago
Shame when i 1st heard him on infinite he blew me away stopped buying albums after the eminem show.
Dude just puts out pop tunes for the masses no hip hop to be found here now days.
Shame was dope

Eminem peezytaughtme

20 de febrero de 2020
editado 8 months ago
"Dude just puts out pop tunes for the masses"

His music is clearly over your head. "Crack a Bottle" is the only non-satirical pop tune he's put out - and it's actually a pretty solid song.

Edit: To say that "Monster" is pretty poppy, but also one of his better second-half songs.

Eminem housemusikluvr

17 de marzo de 2019
Any Man was the last dope track Eminem has ever made. Dude was way better when he was fucked up all the time.

Eminem Joshe179

8 de enero de 2020
I agree with lilpeep. You're delusional, housemusikluvr. CRAZY

Eminem lilpeep

16 de julio de 2019
Any Man was his last dope track? trash take chief


23 de febrero de 2016
editado over 2 years ago
good 10..maybe...."best ever?"..not even close...there are a whole bunch in front of him.

Eminem flyeredup1

22 de abril de 2018
Like who? There are a couple near him (Big l, Pun, Nas, Pac etc.) But no one above him.

Eminem as reviewed by DADINEEN

20 de abril de 2015
after the MMLP, EVERYTHING went dowwwwwnnnn hill.
Infinite is great, SSEP=great, SSLP=great, MMLP= ok, the rest? i love em, but his new music is an example of someone who sold out to the max. Or he's been killed and cloned like some conspiracy theorists think lmao

Eminem as reviewed by dj_risq

13 de noviembre de 2005
editado over 15 years ago
The two comments that precede me say it all about Eminem, just like Marmite, you like it or hate it.
Personally I admire his intellectually-funny lyrical flow, but what he raps about in some of his releases I just really don't like, he really could use his gift in better ways, rather than rapping about his ex-girlfriend, and his mother.
With that said; the main reason for this comment was to say that its Eminem's 'free-styling' and 'MC battles' that do it for me, he is truly in a league of his own, in my opinion.