Kelley Polar

Real Name:Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia to parents in the US Diplomatic Corps. A musical prodigy, he began playing violin at age 3 and composing soon after. His first symphonic-disco composition (entitled "Get in the Love Bubble") was published a year later.
Polar's classical and electronic music sensibilities continued to evolve side-by-side: refusing to specialize, he listened to both Kraftwerk and Schubert, Thomas Dolby and Dvorak. While obtaining an advanced degree from The Juilliard School in New York City, Kelley collaborated with Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani and Morgan Geist on hit tracks like "Miura", "The Art of Hot" and "Caught Up".
Recently expelled from Juilliard for the "riot" during his Master's Recital, Mr. Polar has retired to New Hampshire, where his reclusive tendencies have flowered. He lives in his farmhouse basement studio, and is the caretaker of a herd of Scottish Longhair cattle.

Brother of Bevin Kelley , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Michael Kelley
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