New-wave act from Orange County, California. Founded in 1979 by John Crawford, Jo Julian and Terri Nunn.
Known for the 1986 Giorgio Moroder-produced hit "Take My Breath Away," (from the "Top Gun," movie soundtrack) as well as earlier songs such as "The Metro," "Sex (I'm A...)," and "No More Words."
They officially disbanded in 1987.
In May, 2019, Terri Nunn announced that she and co-founders John Crawford and David Diamond would be reuniting for a new album, "Transcendance," to be released on August 2, 2019.


6.24340 Berlin - Information diseño del album Berlin Information (Album) Vinyl (4) 6.24340 Germany 1980 Vender esta versión
6302 236 Berlin - Pleasure Victim diseño del album Berlin Pleasure Victim (Album, MiniAlbum) M.A.O. Records, Enigma (4) 6302 236 Greece 1982 Vender esta versión
RL 11-3 Berlin - Pleasure Victim / Quartet diseño del album Berlin / Ultravox Berlin / Ultravox - Pleasure Victim / Quartet(LP, Transcription) AFRTS, United States Department Of Defense RL 11-3 US 1983 Vender esta versión
XGHS 4025, XGHS-4025 Berlin - Love Life diseño del album Berlin Love Life (Album) Geffen Records XGHS 4025, XGHS-4025 Canada 1984 Vender esta versión
IC 84-20 Berlin - Westwood One In Concert diseño del album Berlin / Icicle Works* Berlin / Icicle Works* - Westwood One In Concert(2xLP, Transcription) Westwood One Radio Networks IC 84-20 US 1984 Vender esta versión
9 24121-2 Berlin - Count Three & Pray diseño del album Berlin Count Three & Pray (Album) Geffen Records 9 24121-2 US 1986 Vender esta versión
TBCD-3539 Berlin - Live: Sacred And Profane diseño del album Berlin Live: Sacred And Profane (Album) Time Bomb Recordings TBCD-3539 US 2000 Vender esta versión
80119-01051-2 Berlin - Voyeur diseño del album Berlin Voyeur (Album) iMusic, BMG Distribution 80119-01051-2 US 2002 Vender esta versión
CLP 0760-2 Berlin - The Greatest Hits Remixed diseño del album Berlin The Greatest Hits Remixed (Comp) Cleopatra CLP 0760-2 US 2000 Vender esta versión
MRI 159 Berlin - 4play diseño del album Berlin 4play (Album) Majestic Recordings Inc. MRI 159 US 2005 Vender esta versión
302 061 7772 Berlin - All The Way In diseño del album Terri Nunn & Berlin Terri Nunn & Berlin - All The Way In (Album) Fuel 2000 302 061 7772 US 2009 Vender esta versión
SM10041 Berlin - Animal diseño del album Berlin Animal(CD, Album, Dig) Something-Music SM10041 US 2013 Vender esta versión
CLO-1420 Berlin - Transcendance diseño del album Berlin Transcendance (Album) Cleopatra CLO-1420 US 2019 Vender esta versión
none Berlin - Strings Attached diseño del album Berlin Strings Attached (Album, Single) August Day none US 2020 Vender esta versión

Singles & EPs

ZON-001 Berlin - A Matter Of Time diseño del album Berlin A Matter Of Time (Single) Zone-H, Renegade Records (12) ZON-001 US 1979 Vender esta versión
6.12853 Berlin - Fascination diseño del album Berlin Fascination(7", Single, Promo) Vinyl (4) 6.12853 Germany 1980 Vender esta versión
MAO-S4 Berlin - Metro diseño del album Berlin Metro (Single, Maxi) M.A.O. Records MAO-S4 US 1981 Vender esta versión
TERRI 1 Berlin - Pleasure Victim diseño del album Berlin Pleasure Victim(7", Single) Mercury, M.A.O. Records TERRI 1 UK 1982 Vender esta versión
FLEXI #13 Berlin - Masquerade diseño del album Berlin Masquerade (Single) Geffen Records FLEXI #13 US 1982 Vender esta versión
92 97477 Berlin - Sex (I'm A...) diseño del album Berlin (U.S.A.)* Sex (I'm A...) (Single, Maxi, EP) Geffen Records, Geffen Records 92 97477 Canada 1982 Vender esta versión
GGEF 0498 Berlin - No More Words / Now It's My Turn diseño del album Berlin No More Words / Now It's My Turn (Single) Geffen Records GGEF 0498 1984 Vender esta versión
PRO-A-2147 Berlin - Now It's My Turn diseño del album Berlin Now It's My Turn (Single) Geffen Records PRO-A-2147 US 1984 Vender esta versión
0-20195, 9 20195-0 Berlin - No More Words / Dancing In Berlin diseño del album Berlin No More Words / Dancing In Berlin (Maxi) Geffen Records, Geffen Records 0-20195, 9 20195-0 US 1984 Vender esta versión
GGEF 0501 Berlin - Sex (I'm A...) / The Metro  diseño del album Berlin Sex (I'm A...) / The Metro (Single) Geffen Records GGEF 0501 US 1984 Vender esta versión
7-29192 Berlin - Dancing In Berlin diseño del album Berlin Dancing In Berlin (Single, Maxi) Mercury 7-29192 US 1984 Vender esta versión

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6 de octubre de 2016
a very young Terri Nunn is a major star in the movie "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY" so she should be credited as being known as an actress as well.


3 de agosto de 2010
editado over 9 years ago
Most people remember Berlin for "Take My Breath Away", the love theme from Tom Cruise's 1986 blockbuster Top Gun. A gold-certified number one hit in the US and UK, this single was incredibly one of the key factors in the breakup of the band (but more on that later).

It all started much more modestly in 1979, when the Orange County (CA) band released their first single "A Matter Of Time". Fronted by a teenage Terri Nunn and with main songwriting duty performed by John Crawford, it set the blueprint for a sound that the band would see develop into major success.

However, things very quickly took a diversion when Terri Nunn decided to temporarily leave the band to try her hand at acting. Toni Childs very briefly took over and wrote some material, but when it came to recording the album "Information" in 1980 it was a new singer, Virginia Macolino, who took control. A fantastic debut, it contained ten condensed punky New Wave tracks with a pronounced synthesizer sound. Alas, it made no impact on the major radio stations so chart success was not forthcoming.

After the departure of Virginia Macolino, Berlin as a band took a short break. John Crawford set up a new act, Farenheit, who actually went as far as shooting a promotional video for a track called "Dancing In Berlin" with John on vocal duty. Of course, this song would see light a few years later fronted by a certain Ms. Nunn. Speaking of whom... forward to 1982. Terri has come back from her acting career, Berlin are reformed and release "Sex"…

With lyrics that ensured radios got in a sweat and a video sure to ruffle feathers, it was an instant hit. An irresistible Bobby Orlando style bassline under Terri's suggestive vocals guaranteed heavy club play, and it paved the way for a follow-up single of epic proportions; The Metro. Fast paced New Wave sonics over Terri's passionate vocals evoked thoughts of European dreams, much to the delight of many American kids who looked outside of the traditional rock 'n roll ethos. The Metro was covered excellently by the metal group System Of A Down in 2001, opening the band to a new legion of fans that may never have discovered Berlin otherwise.

After The Metro, a third single from Berlin's "Pleasure Victim" EP titled Masquerade was released to ensure that Berlin left 1983 with rising popularity and critical success.

1984 saw Berlin release their second full album "Love Life", a consistent and excellent LP with a mature yet still playful sound. Giorgio Moroder produced two fantastic singles, "No More Words" & "Dancing In Berlin", and a further single (the James Bond inspired "Now It's My Turn") merely scratched the surface of the band's confidence.

Alas, it would be the work with Giorgio Moroder that would be the downfall of Berlin....

Moroder was working on "Take My Breath Away" for the movie Top Gun but needed a strong female vocalist to front the music he had written. He called up Terri, who of course jumped at the chance of working on a major movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, Moroder was not in need of the services of John Crawford and the rest of Berlin. So while the song went down in history as Berlin's biggest hit, it didn't actually feature the band at all! This obviously caused tension between the band members, as after 1986's "Count Three & Pray" (which contained strong songs marred by the typical bombast of late 80's overproduction) Berlin officially disbanded.

Thankfully the in-band resentment has been resolved, as the band happily reformed for a one-off special in 2004 for the VH1 show "Bands Reunited". As of 2013, Terri still tours and records albums as Berlin with a new lineup while the rest of the original band are now content in their own lives away from the limelight.

From underground New Wave kids to stadium filling rock band, Berlin are legends.

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