Hopeton Lewis

Real Name:Hopeton Lewis

Hopeton Lewis (born 3 October 1947, Kingston, Jamaica, died 4 September 2014 in Brooklyn, New York, USA) was a Jamaican singer (with his baritone voice).
He started the band The Regals (9) with Eddie & Winston Fraser around 1965 and it's the following year that the success comes with Take it Easy announced by some as the first Rocksteady and the apotheosis with Boom Shaka Laka which won the Festival Song contest in 1970. He became the lead singer of the Dragonaires from 1969 to 1971. Around 1977 he opened a record store in Montego Bay "Hopetone Lewis Bay City Music" which gave the name to his label (Bay City Music (2)).
In the 80's he returned to his love of Gospel music and released a decade of albums , Wikipedia
In Groups:Byron Lee And The Dragonaires, Primo & Hopeton, The Regals (9)
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