Nacho Dogan

Nombre real:
Ignacio Dogan
Nacho Dogan (Madrid, 1952 - 1990) was a engineer, presenter, broadcaster, singer and disc jockey Spanish reaching certain amount of fame for the eighties. 
Son of Hungarian violinist Kurt Dogan, from very young had access to artistic circles, as in the seventies his father ran the Sala Florida Park. With only 17 years Nacho began working in radio and in the promotion department of a record company.  He started as assistant engineer at Estudios RCA, Madrid
Its greatest popularity came after 1979 when José Luis Uribarri hired him to present a program section in its program "Aplauso". His section was called "La marcha de Nacho" and he appeared with the face painted totally white.
His look and how he performed, influenced by American DJs almost unknown in Spain at the time, appealed the public, and thanks to that recognition he even recorded a couple of albums "Da, da, da" (Spanish version of the theme of the German band Trio) and "Aloa Hee", and released two more maxis with Fonogram, S.A. in 1982.
In 1983, we moved to radio and continued playing records on Antena 3 radio station. Years later, in a turning point in his career, he mounted the disco Chattanooga, specializing in ballroom dancing.
In 1989 he returned to TV, to the program "Pero esto qué es?, which had a section called "Dogan's Club". However, his career was cut when he was found dead, when only 37 years old, as a result of a heart attack.
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Nacho Dogan - Da, Da, Da diseño del album Nacho* Da, Da, Da (Maxi, Single) Mercury Spain 1982 Vender esta versión