Nombre real:
André Tanneberger
German Producer
ATB - André Tanneberger
Born on February 26, 1973 in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany.
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ATBCDP1 ATB - Movin' Melodies diseño del album ATB Movin' Melodies (Album) Kontor Records, Urban ATBCDP1 UK 1999 Vender esta versión
RAD90024-2 ATB - Two Worlds diseño del album ATB Two Worlds (Album) Urban, Kontor Records RAD90024-2 US 2000 Vender esta versión
3349-2 ATB - Dedicated diseño del album ATB Dedicated (Album) Kontor Records, Kontor Records 3349-2 Romania 2002 Vender esta versión
Kontor 310, 0147982 KON, K310 ATB - Addicted To Music diseño del album ATB Addicted To Music (Album) Kontor Records, Kontor Records, Kontor Records Kontor 310, 0147982 KON, K310 Germany 2003 Vender esta versión
BU 5890704 ATB - No Silence diseño del album ATB No Silence (Album, Maxi) Kontor Records, Kontor Records BU 5890704 Indonesia 2004 Vender esta versión
CSR CD 5420 ATB - Trilogy diseño del album ATB Trilogy (Album) Kontor Records, Kontor Records, Kontor Records CSR CD 5420 Australia 2007 Vender esta versión
none ATB - Future Memories diseño del album ATB Future Memories (Album) Kontor Records, Kontor Records none Germany 2009 Vender esta versión
MIE8053264543037 ATB - Distant Earth Remixed diseño del album ATB Distant Earth Remixed (Album) Kontor Records, Kontor Records MIE8053264543037 Italy 2011 Vender esta versión
277 226 9 ATB - Distant Earth diseño del album ATB Distant Earth (Album) Kontor Records 277 226 9 Poland 2011 Vender esta versión
5192-2 ATB - Contact diseño del album ATB Contact (Album) Kontor Records 5192-2 Romania 2014 Vender esta versión
4250117673130, 1067313KON ATB - neXt diseño del album ATB neXt (Album) Kontor Records, Kontor Records 4250117673130, 1067313KON Europe 2017 Vender esta versión

Singles & EPs

7002043 ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come) diseño del album ATB 9 PM (Till I Come) (Maxi, Single) Kontor Records, Kontor Records 7002043 Netherlands 1998 Vender esta versión
CDRPM1671 ATB - Don't Stop / 9 PM (Till I Come) diseño del album ATB Don't Stop / 9 PM (Till I Come) (Single, Maxi) Kontor Records, Edel, Club Tools CDRPM1671 South Africa 1999 Vender esta versión
POP 4013 ATB - Killer diseño del album ATB Killer (Maxi, Single) Kontor Records, Urban POP 4013 Canada 1999 Vender esta versión
VCDX 115 ATB - Don't Stop! diseño del album ATB Don't Stop! (Single, Maxi) Kontor Records, Urban, Motor Music VCDX 115 Spain 1999 Vender esta versión
DINSDJ205 ATB - Push The Limits diseño del album Enigma / ATB Enigma / ATB - Push The Limits(CD, Single, MP, Promo, Car) Virgin DINSDJ205 UK 2000 Vender esta versión
CDRPMS 069 ATB - The Summer diseño del album ATB The Summer (Maxi, Single) Kontor Records CDRPMS 069 South Africa 2000 Vender esta versión
7003528 ATB - The Fields Of Love diseño del album ATB The Fields Of Love (Maxi, Single) Kontor Records 7003528 Netherlands 2000 Vender esta versión
POP 2K ATB - The Quadruple Threat EP diseño del album Eiffel 65 / ATB Eiffel 65 / ATB - The Quadruple Threat EP(12", EP) Popular Records POP 2K Canada 2000 Vender esta versión
VLCDMX 524-4 ATB - Let U Go diseño del album ATB feat. The Wild Strawberries* ATB feat. The Wild Strawberries* - Let U Go (Maxi, Single) Kontor Records VLCDMX 524-4 Spain 2001 Vender esta versión
8573-88400-2 ATB - A Whiter Shade Of Pale diseño del album Sarah Brightman Vs ATB Sarah Brightman Vs ATB - A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Maxi) EastWest 8573-88400-2 Europe 2001 Vender esta versión
KONTOR021 ATB - Hold You diseño del album ATB Hold You (Single, Maxi) Kontor Records KONTOR021 Germany 2001 Vender esta versión
KONTOR053 ATB - You're Not Alone diseño del album ATB You're Not Alone (Single, Maxi) Kontor Records, Kontor Records KONTOR053 Germany 2002 Vender esta versión
TR:001 ATB - Trance Rave feat. ATB diseño del album ATB Trance Rave feat. ATB(12", Promo) Victor TR:001 Japan 2002 Vender esta versión
CSR CD5 0406 ATB - You're Not Alone EP diseño del album ATB You're Not Alone EP(CD, EP) Central Station CSR CD5 0406 Australia & New Zealand 2002 Vender esta versión

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29 de marzo de 2020
No one compares to ATB. Thanks for all the years of groovin on your tunes!


8 de julio de 2015
Pop trance music producer / dj with many good and bad catchy radio hits. He was also a co-producer of few tracks from harder side of trance music, for example SQ1 - balare or Re-Flex - ubap


20 de septiembre de 2014
all the album covers look the same


20 de abril de 2013
Crap 'trance' music producer, bad (sometimes extremely bad) DJ as well.
Still, people love him and his music. It shows quite clearly, what is the musical taste of the masses: none.


19 de noviembre de 2012
actually i really like his music since Sequential One, he's a master of sounds, he's got so many releases i like! actually i think one of his best albums was "Two Worlds", which one's a nice 2CD-album... however i think the best albums of him were the first four! later since i mostly only liked his single releases to this day...


5 de octubre de 2012
ATB is mindblowingly good. Some of the most epic trance tunes around. Sunset Girl, 9PM, Don't Stop, In Love With The DJ are my favs. I used to have a facebook account & liked his personal page on there. He seems such a genuine person who loves his music.


3 de diciembre de 2003
Have last three albums from this man.
Must say that time passed since Sequential One and now Andre knows how to make music. He has many great original ideas: "9PM", "Hold You", "The Fields of Love", "Summer",
and some very nice covers: "You're Not Alone". And last stuff is good too. Video clips is also well done, have all of them.
Though I think his original sound isnt really for clubbing.

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