Carlos García Berlanga

Nombre real:Carlos Jesús García-Berlanga Manrique

Carlos García Berlanga (August 11, 1959, Madrid - June 5, 2002, Madrid) was a Spanish composer and singer, and a prominent figure of "Movida madrileña" (Spanish New Wave).
As solo artist he released under stage name of Carlos Berlanga.
Son of film director Luis García Berlanga, he was one of the founder of mythical bands, as "Kaka de Luxe" in the late 70s, and later "Alaska y los Pegamoides" and "Dinarama". A very shy person, he didn't like to gig, but he was one of the main writers of Spanish 80s music.

Sítios:Wikipedia , MySpace
Apodos:Carlos Pegamoide
En grupos:Alaska Y Dinarama, Alaska Y Los Pegamoides, Dinarama, Franxipan, Kaka De Luxe


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