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Mägo de Oz ("Wizard of Oz" with a heavy metal umlaut), (also known as simply Mägo) is a folk metal and heavy metal band from Spain. The band was formed in mid-1988 by drummer Txus. The band is well known for the strong Celtic feel to their music, strengthened through their usage of a violinist and flautist. The name for this band was chosen, according to founding member Txus, because "Life is a yellow brick road on which we walk in the company of others, searching for our dreams."

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Miembros:Carlos Prieto Guijarro, Chema Alonso (2), Diego Palacio (2), Fernando Mainer, Fernando Ponce De León, Francisco Javier Gomez De La Serna, Javier Díez, Javier Dominguez Gregorio, Jesús María Hernández Gil, Jorge Salan, José Andrëa, José Manuel Pizarro Carmona, Jose Martínez Arroyo, Juan Carlos Marín López, Juanma Lobón, Manuel Seoane, Patricia Tapia, Pedro Díaz "Peri", Rafa Blas, Salvador Rogelio García
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