Basket Of Death

Nombre real:
All the way from Shinjuku,Japan.
From the depths of the Yakuza underworld.
It has been over 8 years that the underground
has been awaiting this awesome event.
These guys over the past years have become
a evil impacts on Japan.
They claim they have mind control
that has cause many Japanese people to
preform violent crimes in the name of
"Basket of Death".
They are the sickest thing to come from Japan.
Some reports say that they preformed live abortions
on stage,murder animals,and even throw entrails
at the audience.
Beware of the Shinjuku Yakuza Masters of Gorey Death
--Basket of Death!!!

Drums [Jigoku Drums], Vocals [Oniroku Vox] - Konami Mikkasomsushi

Guitar [Guillotine Guitar], Vocals [Bakemono Vox], Noises - Tokumaka Siacom