Little Roy

Real Name:Earl Lowe

Jamaican Reggae artist, born the 25 febrary 1953 in WithfieldTown , near Trenchtown, Kingston, Jamaica. He got an audition at Studio One at the age of 14 which allows him to record his first song, the wonderful Rocksteady "I Am Going To Cool It"(a title written by his brother). And this is also the moment when he starts to be interested in Rasta, he will be member of the organization "Charter 15" created by the "Ethiopian Federation" then he will become member of the "Twelves Tribes of Israel" what will make of him one of the most engaged singer throughout his career... He will continue the following year with Prince Buster who will find him the name of Little Roy !
The success comes in 1969 with Bongo Nyah for the producer Lloyd Daley with whom he will make several titles. He founded his label "Tafari (2)" in 1972 and later the "Earth (4)" Label.
After immigrating to the USA he ended up settling in the UK, he still performs on stage today.

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Aliases:Earl Lowe, Roy Rogers (7)
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