Spanish duo of singer Najwa Nimri and musician Carlos Jean
NajwaJean - Selection diseño del album NajwaJean Selection (Comp) Subterfuge Records Spain 2002 Vender esta versión
21.267CD NajwaJean - Musica Compuesta Para La Pelicula Guerreros diseño del album NajwaJean Musica Compuesta Para La Pelicula Guerreros(CD, Comp) Subterfuge Records 21.267CD Spain 2002 Vender esta versión
21612 CD NajwaJean - 10 Years After diseño del album NajwaJean 10 Years After(CD, Comp) Subterfuge Records 21612 CD Spain 2007 Vender esta versión


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19 de enero de 2004
Najwa Nimri music is not of my kind, but this is a very good record that, in my opinion, owes 80% of its merit to Carlos Jean. BTW, in an interview to MTV (or Sol-Musica, I don't remember) I was amazed by the incredibly conservative opinions of Najwa with regard to dance and electronic music. Luckily, this record is beyond that. Also, a nice gift for those people not in e-music but who are open enough to involve in it.

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