SASH! is a German dance music project that exists since 1995. Head of the group is the DJ Sascha Lappessen, who also appears mostly in the music videos. Their most commercially successful title was Ecuador; the largest chart sequence was in the UK.
The name Sash! is a group collective name for the singles and albums released, though it has also been adopted by Sascha as his DJ stage name as well.


CNM017CD ADV Sash! - It's My Life diseño del album Sash! It's My Life (Album) Mighty CNM017CD ADV Portugal 1997 Vender esta versión
NC 22567-0059/4 Sash! - Life Goes On diseño del album Sash! Life Goes On (Album, Comp) Mighty NC 22567-0059/4 Italy 1998 Vender esta versión
MULTYCD7 Sash! - Trilenium diseño del album Sash! Trilenium (Album) X-IT Records MULTYCD7 Indonesia 2000 Vender esta versión
7243 812864 4 9, 7243812864 4 9 Sash! - S4! Sash! diseño del album Sash! S4! Sash! (Album) X-IT Records, Virgin 7243 812864 4 9, 7243812864 4 9 Ukraine 2002 Vender esta versión
H2BCD02 Sash! - The Best Of (Album Sampler) diseño del album Sash! The Best Of (Album Sampler) Hard2Beat Records H2BCD02 UK 2008 Vender esta versión
TR035 Sash! - Life Is A Beach diseño del album Sash! Life Is A Beach (Album) Tokapi Recordings TR035 Germany 2012 Vender esta versión
TR 047 Sash! - Life Changes diseño del album Sash! Life Changes (Album) Tokapi Recordings TR 047 Germany 2013 Vender esta versión

Singles & EPs

X-IT 004 Sash! - It's My Life diseño del album Sash! It's My Life (Maxi) Scandinavian Records X-IT 004 1995 Vender esta versión
KADOC 2 Sash! - Rock The Bells diseño del album Kadoc Vs Sash! Kadoc Vs Sash! - Rock The Bells(CD, Single, Promo) Manifesto KADOC 2 UK 1997 Vender esta versión
BIO 009 Sash! - Erotmania '97 diseño del album Katana Meets Sash! Katana Meets Sash! - Erotmania '97 Bionic Beat Recordings BIO 009 Germany 1997 Vender esta versión
FAM 30381-1 Sash! - Encore Une Fois diseño del album Sash! Encore Une Fois (Maxi, Single) Scandinavian Records, ToCo International FAM 30381-1 France 1996 Vender esta versión
ULER 006 Sash! - Ecuador diseño del album Sash! Ecuador (Maxi, Single) Scandinavian Records, ToCo International ULER 006 US 1997 Vender esta versión
BOY-548 Sash! - Stay diseño del album Sash! Featuring La Trec Sash! Featuring La Trec - Stay (Maxi, Single) Scandinavian Records, Toco International BOY-548 Spain 1997 Vender esta versión
FM / DT 2217 Sash! - Ecuador / Uh La La La diseño del album Sash! / Alexia Sash! / Alexia - Ecuador / Uh La La La(CD, Single) Double Trouble (2) FM / DT 2217 Greece 1997 Vender esta versión
007, 74321639421 Sash! - Ma Baker diseño del album Boney M. vs. Sash! Boney M. vs. Sash! - Ma Baker (Maxi, Single) Lautstark, Lautstark 007, 74321639421 Germany 1998 Vender esta versión
CAMULTY 40 Sash! - Mysterious Times diseño del album Sash! Feat. Tina Cousins Sash! Feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times (Maxi, Single) Club Tools, X-IT Records, Edel CAMULTY 40 UK 1998 Vender esta versión
11.70.7082 Sash! - Move Mania diseño del album Sash! feat. Shannon Sash! feat. Shannon - Move Mania (Maxi, Single) Club Tools 11.70.7082 Portugal 1998 Vender esta versión
X-IT 042-R Sash! - La Primavera diseño del album Sash! La Primavera (Maxi, Single) Club Tools X-IT 042-R Germany 1998 Vender esta versión
X-IT 52 Sash! - Colour The World diseño del album Sash! With Special Appearance Of Dr. Alban Sash! With Special Appearance Of Dr. Alban - Colour The World (Maxi, Single) X-IT Records X-IT 52 Germany 1998 Vender esta versión
MULTYCD2P02 Sash! - Life Goes On - Album Preview diseño del album Sash! Life Goes On - Album Preview(Minimax, Promo, Smplr) Multiply Records MULTYCD2P02 UK 1998 Vender esta versión
DT 2239 Sash! - La Primavera / Splash diseño del album Sash! / Ten Inch Sash! / Ten Inch - La Primavera / Splash(CD, Maxi) Double Trouble (2), FM Records DT 2239 Greece 1998 Vender esta versión
12MULTY 60P Sash! - Adelante diseño del album Sash! Adelante (Maxi, Single) X-IT Records 12MULTY 60P UK 1999 Vender esta versión
none Sash! - Together Again diseño del album Sash! Together Again (Single) Edel none Canada 2000 Vender esta versión
12MULTY62PX, 12MULTY62PY Sash! - Just Around The Hill diseño del album Sash! Just Around The Hill (Maxi, Single) X-IT Records, Edel 12MULTY62PX, 12MULTY62PY UK 2000 Vender esta versión
ADICT099CD Sash! - With My Own Eyes diseño del album Sash! With My Own Eyes (Maxi, Single) X-IT Records ADICT099CD Australia 2000 Vender esta versión

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13 de abril de 2017
Sash! was one of many artists on the German X-IT Records label in the mid 90s, with close links to producers Jurgen Driessen, Ramon Zenker, Blank & Jones, Oliver Klein (King-O) and Stefan Bossems of Cosmic Gate. The only distinction is that Sash! managed to achieve mainstream success worldwide.

While most of the popular singles are cheesy and pop oriented, there were some good remixes under the name of "Sash!", such as the remixes of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene 7 and 10.


15 de julio de 2008
I have no shame in admitting i like Sash! It's down to him that i DJ and that i'm into Trance/dance music today. For had i not discovered his mid-late 90's tracks, i'd never have gone on to explore electronic dance music like i did. Sure i liked Speed Garage, but it died way to quickly. When i heard Sash! sound, i loved the melody, the bass grooves, and just how uplifting it was.

Sure, he's cheese laden, i'm sure he'll admit that, but his record sales speak for themselves. In his day, he was unstoppable. I think secretly, we all like at least one of his records. It is true, that a popular artist will entice a noobie listener and ease them into a scene for them to explore it. Sash! had this effect on me. After i discovered Sash! i uncovered a wealth of more progressive tracks and a whole club culture which made sense to me and gave me some of the best times and happiest memories of my life (think Gatecrasher, Sunny D, Passion, Slinky etc etc).

The track that really made me scratch the surface of "trance" was "Mysterious Times" feat. Tina Cousins, which, still sounds absolutely fantastic today. It's got such a nice melody to it and, the vocal performance is really really good. I just remember hearing this for the first time and being blown away by it. Remember, i was a young naive 17 year old at the time!

I only wish Sash! could have moved with the times. He/they were a talented bunch with a keen ear for a great melody.

Sash! along with Ferry Corsten, are solely responsible for my love of electronic dance, and for that, i just have love for them.


9 de agosto de 2003
SASH! is one of the most talented artists about. He has had huge success around the globe and sales around the 20 million mark. Not bad for a DJ from a small town in Germany that appeared from no-where. SASH! is original and doesn't pretend to be something they're not. He has admitted that his music is 'handbag trance'! Sash! has worked with many famous artists such as : Tina Cousins, TJ Davis, Sarah Brightman and Boy George! SASH! has also had amazing success in the UK with nine top-10 hits and five of those singles going to No.2. Not bad!!! Let's hope the hits keep on coming and that SASH! is around for many years to come.

6 de julio de 2003
Extremely talented trance artist -hard beats, cool melodies, great sounds. Far beyond most of the other extremely boring dribble in the world of trance. I always enjoy Sash!'s music when I hear it, from "Encore Un Fois" to "Track To Download" and everything in between, even "Ecuador." Give respect to a musically talented trance artist who isn't afraid to use a TB303 and an TR808. The music is extremely catchy, something that I like a lot.

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