Nombre real:
Dani Pani
Producer & DJ
Total Hate Recording Producer

DPani AKA XNazgul was born in 1980 in Barcelona (Spain). Founder of netlabel XNazgul Records (Hardcore) and DPani Productions (Techno and DeepTechno).
He has been a DJ since 1996 and with some small production but it is in 2020 that he began producing for his labels. He's always been a fan of electronic music of all kinds.

Formerly webmaster of www.djnazgul.com and currently has its website where you will find sessions of TECHNO, DEEPTECHNO, CHILLOUT, MINIMAL, MAKINA, HARDCORE, DARKCORE, INDUSTRIAL, OLDSCHOOL and TERROR.

More info in www.xnazgul.com


DPani AKA XNazgul nace en 1980 en Barcelona (Spain). Fundador del netlabel XNazgul Records (Hardcore) y de DPani Productions (Techno y DeepTechno).
Lleva desde 1996 como Dj y con alguna pequeña producción pero es en 2020 cuando empieza a producir para su propios sellos. Siempre ha sido afan a la música electrónica de todo tipo.

Antiguamente webmaster de www.djnazgul.com y actualmente tiene su espacio web donde se encontraran sesiones de TECHNO, DEEPTECHNO, CHILLOUT, MINIMAL, MAKINA, HARDCORE, DARKCORE, INDUSTRIAL, OLDSCHOOL Y TERROR.

Mas info en www.dpani.es


Singles & EPs

XNAZ005B XNazgul - Le France Madame diseño del album XNazgul Le France Madame(File, MP3, Single, VBR) XNazgul Records XNAZ005B Spain 2020
XNAZ008 XNazgul - Killer Wave diseño del album XNazgul Killer Wave(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ008 Spain 2020
XNAZ005 XNazgul - Aliens diseño del album XNazgul Aliens(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ005 Spain 2020
XNAZ006B XNazgul - Pussy Tubby diseño del album XNazgul Pussy Tubby(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ006B Spain 2020
XNAZ008B XNazgul - Contacts diseño del album XNazgul Contacts(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ008B Spain 2020
XNAZ007B XNazgul - NazgulGUN diseño del album XNazgul NazgulGUN(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ007B Spain 2020
XNAZ007 XNazgul - La Concha diseño del album XNazgul La Concha(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ007 Spain 2020
XNAZ006 XNazgul - Dypsy Alone diseño del album XNazgul Dypsy Alone(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ006 Spain 2020
XNAZ004 XNazgul - Nazguls diseño del album XNazgul Nazguls(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ004 Spain 2020
XNAZ009B XNazgul - Precious !!! diseño del album XNazgul Precious !!!(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ009B Spain 2020
XNAZ003B XNazgul - Kick Motherfucker diseño del album XNazgul Kick Motherfucker(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ003B Spain 2020
XNAZ002 XNazgul - Hard Cool diseño del album XNazgul Hard Cool(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ002 Spain 2020
XNAZ004B XNazgul - Trycycle diseño del album XNazgul Trycycle(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ004B Spain 2020
XNAZ009 XNazgul - I'll Be A Father diseño del album XNazgul I'll Be A Father(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ009 Spain 2020
XNAZ003 XNazgul - Sauron Theme diseño del album XNazgul Sauron Theme(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ003 Spain 2020
XNAZ002B XNazgul - Saw Is A Gabber diseño del album XNazgul Saw Is A Gabber(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ002B Spain 2020
XNAZ014A XNazgul - The Rings diseño del album XNazgul The Rings(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ014A Spain 2021
XNAZ013A XNazgul - Creep (XNazgul Bootleg) diseño del album XNazgul Creep (XNazgul Bootleg)(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ013A Spain 2021
XNAZ016A XNazgul - The Ent's Shadow diseño del album TerrorMC, XNazgul TerrorMC, XNazgul - The Ent's Shadow(File, MP3, WAV, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ016A Spain 2021
XNAZ015A XNazgul - Falling in Love (BootLeg) diseño del album XNazgul Falling in Love (BootLeg)(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ015A Spain 2021
XNAZ012B XNazgul - Nazgul Madness diseño del album XNazgul Nazgul Madness(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ012B Spain 2021
XNAZ012A XNazgul - Survive Alone diseño del album XNazgul Survive Alone(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ012A Spain 2021
XNAZ010 XNazgul - Upmando diseño del album XNazgul Upmando(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ010 Spain 2021
XNAZ013B XNazgul - Gizmo KK diseño del album XNazgul Gizmo KK(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ013B Spain 2021
XNAZ011A XNazgul - The A Team diseño del album XNazgul The A Team(File, MP3, Single) XNazgul Records XNAZ011A Spain 2021