Christopher Young

Real Name:Robert Gilchrist Ilsley Young

Christopher Young is a film and TV music composer.
Born in 1957 in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA.
Christopher attended Hampshire College in Massachusetts where he studied a Bachelor of Arts in music and then completed his post-graduate work at North Texas State University.
In 1980 Young moved to Los Angeles where he was a jazz drummer. At that time, he proceeded to take classes at the UCLA Film School, where his mentor was the famous film composer David Raksin, who deeply influenced him ("Laura","The Bad and Beautiful"). While he taking classes at UCLA, began scoring student films. In college Young met a lot of filmmakers with whom he will later work on projects. Soon, his special abilities have been noticed by several famous movie studios and directors.
He scored his first studio picture in 1982. And despite the fact that his first works were in the horror genre through the 80's, where he proved himself a great Master, he is also easily and naturally talented wrote music in all styles - from the horrors and thrillers to comedies. With his works musician shows that he cannot have a genre where he has not shown his amazing gift.
Christopher Young for the more than a successful career that gave the world more than 100 magnificent works, which cover almost all genres. And each of his new work, wonderfully conveys not only what is happening on the screen, and fully complements the atmosphere of any of his projects. Composer differ astonishing sensitivity to the newest trends of our time, willing to be creative recycling a wide variety of artistic impressions.
Award-winning composer Christopher Young has carved out his enviable niche in the upper pantheon of Hollywood composers with unusual speed and unerring flair.

Best known for his music in famous films including:
"Highpoint", "Godzilla 1985", "Hellraiser", "Hellbound: Hellraiser II", "The Fly II", " Virtuosity", "Tales From The Hood", "Species", "Murder In The First", "Copycat", "Unforgettable", "Head Above Water", "Murder At 1600", "The Man That Knew Too Little", "Urban Legend", "Judas Kiss", "Hard Rain", "In Too Deep", "Swordfish", "Sweet November", "The Shipping News", "Bandits", "The Core", "Spider-Man 2", "The Exorcism Of Emily Rose", "Ghost Rider", "Spider-Man 3", "Lucky You", "Sleepwalking", "Drag Me To Hell", "Creation".

In his spare time musician maintains a fascination with horror film memorabilia, extending from classic horror genre autographs to a vast collection of jack-o-lanterns and masks.
Composer has taught in film scoring for over ten years, has taught film composition at the Film and Television program at USC in Los Angeles, and he has been a very popular and regular lecturer in UCLA's film scoring program as well and a two-term past president of The Film Music Society and the president of the Madrid Film Music Festival in Spain.

1988 Saturn Award nomination - Best Music (Hellraiser)
1990 Saturn Award Winner - Best Music (Hellbound: Hellraiser 2)
1991 Saturn Award nomination - Best Music (The Fly 2)
1996 Saturn Award nomination - Best Music (Copycat)
1994 Saturn Award nomination - Best Music (The Vagrant)
2009 Teen Choice Award nomination - Best Music (The Uninvited)

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