UK band which is one of the pivotal progressive bands that emerged in the second part of the 1960s. In 1968, the founding members were Jon Hiseman (drums), Dick Heckstall-Smith (tenor sax), and Tony Reeves (bass), later joined by Dave Greenslade (keyboards), Clem Clempson (guitar), Chris Farlowe (vocals), and Mark Clarke (2), who replaced Tony Reeves. Colosseum made three studio albums: "Those Who Are About To Die Salute You", "Valentyne Suite" (both from 1969) and "Daughter Of Time" (1970). The music is a progressive mix of several styles (rock, jazz, blues) with lots of solos and interplay. In 1971, the band released their highly acclaimed live album "Colosseum Live". After Colosseum disbanded in 1971, most of the members formed or joined groups like Humble Pie (Clem Clempson), Atomic Rooster (Chris Farlowe), Greenslade (Dave Greenslade reunited with Tony Reeves), and Colosseum II (founded by Jon Hiseman). The band reunited in 1994 and is still active to date. , Facebook , Wikipedia ,
Members:Barbara Thompson, Chris Farlowe, Clem Clempson, Dave Greenslade, Dick Heckstall-Smith, James Litherland, Jim Roche (2), Jon Hiseman, Kim Nishikawara, Louis Cennamo, Mark Clarke (2), Nick Steed, Tony Doyle (5), Tony Reeves
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