The Beatles Vinyl Collection


This is for the UK release of the Collection.
DeAgostini vinyl collection of 23 separate issues, each one containing an LP and short booklet about the album. Issue 1 (Abbey Road) comes in an A3 presentation pack with a collectors box to store all 23 issues of the booklets. The mail order subscriptions did not come with the A3 presentation pack, but were sent in DeAgostini marked cardboard mailers. Subscribers for the full 23 issue set were rewarded at various points with bonus Beatles merchandise comprising a slip mat, tee shirt, mug, notebook, mobile battery pack/charger and a back-pack plus two sturdy flip-top boxes to house the records.
Series licensed from Calderstone Productions Limited to De Agostini Publishing S.p.A..
For the Italian series refer to The Beatles Vinyl Collection (2).
For the German series refer to The Beatles Vinyl Collection (3).
For the Spanish series refer to The Beatles Vinyl Collection (4).
For the French series refer to The Beatles Vinyl Collection (5).
For the Japanese series refer to The Beatles Vinyl Collection (6).

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  • Avatar de steve.makin72
    Looking for issues - 15 (Anthology 2), 16 (Live At The BBC), 18 (On Air), 19 (Let It Be), 21 (Anthology 3), 22 (1967-1970 (The Blue Album)), 23 (Past Masters). Must have the companion booklets.
    • Avatar de EKIRA_J
      I am looking to sell all 23 Lps, 21 mint sealed complete due to reluctant downsizing, if interested please pm
      • Avatar de Jmwardster
        I have this complete set with boxes and all of the associated booklets. Willing to sell as I am moving.
        • Avatar de SAVAGRA
          This is a fantastic set. Even the inserts are top notch.
          • Avatar de parlogram
            Does anyone have an empty box/boxes they would be willing to sell? Thanks!
            • Avatar de sleepycrow
              I own and sell all the sealed vinyls whole set , with all the insert stored in the inserts box , and the 2 boxes to store the vinyls.
              • Avatar de sleeptowin
                im up for selling the whole set, with boxes, anyone know if there is a whole box listing?
                • Avatar de Phoenix-One
                  I've got them, but no boxes, I'd be interested to find out how they catalogue this lot!
                  • Avatar de RagnarCranes
                    I'm searching an empty box ! HELP! Won't you please, please help me?
                    • Avatar de tour1
                      These releases are made from the 2009 remasters, where the EQ was changed a bit (higher levels of the upper mid frequencies). Some people like it, some don't. Some of these pressings are louder (less dynamics?). Many vinyls were not flawless, however, they are relatively cheap. Also some mistakes happened (missing chord of A Hard Days Night).