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  • Avatar de Lightning-Rider
    DON'T ever buy from their webpage. They're scammers, dishonest and a total fraud. They're stealing money from record collectors around the world. Buy at your local record store, or from internet stores that you know you can trust.
    • Avatar de Flabbergasted_Vibes
      Don't ever buy direct from their website. Their packaging is ridiculously subpar, using flimsy mailers with zero filler pads. In one of my orders, a limited edition pressing had one corner of the jacket completely squashed. Not a "ding" but a total smoosh. I opened a claim and sent photos, but was told they would not replace the item or refund the money. They offered a discount instead, and I'm stuck with a pretty useless "collectible" album that nobody, including me, wants in the state it's in. It is kind of baffling, considering the general reputation for quality that Concord Group has, that their shipping is so sketchy. Don't be lured in by 'big' sales on their website like I did, just get their records from your local retailer instead. Presumably, distributors to brick-and-mortar aren't accepting "sorry, it's not our problem" as a response from the label and can actually return or refund damaged merchandise, so save yourself the trouble. Their direct sales department is just completely unprofessional.
      • Avatar de Axldog
        When are you going to release Filter Amalgamut?!!! Come on if anything needs to be pressed it’s this record!
        • Avatar de movceo
          Editado hace 4 años
          This label puts out a lot of sought-after reissues but they sometimes use subpar pressing plants - in this case, Rainbo Records, Memphis Record Pressing and Independent Record Pressing. Some of their releases sound really good, some of them are unlistenable. I would only purchase from a store that has a liberal return policy.