Multinational label of US origin. Label code: LC 0249 / LC 00249
Use Liberty (3) for all unofficial/bootleg releases pretending to be this label.
See Liberty Records, Inc. for the company.

1955: The independent 'Liberty' label was launched as subsidiary of Liberty Records, Inc., formed in LA by Simon Si Waronker and Jack Ames (whose first names are immortalized in The Chipmunks - a release which brought the company back from the brink of bankruptcy in 1958).
1959: Liberty begins to distribute local labels through Liberty Records Sales Corp., soon acquiring and licensing several other US independent labels including Dolton Records, Blue Note, Minit, Blue Thumb Records and Aladdin.
1967: Liberty Records Limited established in the UK and Liberty Records GmbH in Germany..
1968: Liberty was bought by Transamerica Corporation - the parent company of United Artists Records. The union of Liberty and UA operated as a 'paired' entity in various markets as Liberty/UA. The companies at this time were Liberty/U.A. INC., Liberty/UA GmbH and Liberty/United Artists Records Ltd. - this may help to date the versions.
1971: Liberty was folded into United Artists.
1979: UA was taken over by EMI and the Liberty brand was revived in 1980. It traded as Liberty/United Records, Inc. for a short time.
1980: Start of the budget line with cat# LN 10XXX (see the bsnpubs-link for dating).
1981: Liberty label relaunched in the UK through Liberty Records (UK) Ltd..

The Liberty brand currently exists as an EMI Group imprint around the world, used by various EMI operating companies for a variety of acts.

Belgium: originally released through London Records, represented by Fonior. Represented by S.A. Gramophone N.V. since ca. 1962.
Netherlands: originally released through London Records, represented by Philips Phonografische Industrie. Represented by N.V. Bovema (later B.V. Bovema) since ca. 1962.

Identification (US)

Label dating
55001 through 55270 (1955–1960): green labels with silver print.
55271 through 56218 (1960–1970): multi-color label.

Between 1959 and 1962, Liberty was known to credit producers with their initials on the labels. The initials can appear as a suffix to the label matrix or in or out of parenthesis on other parts of the label. Upper- and lowercase initials are known to exist.

Known initials:
FS - Felix Slatkin
JA - Joe Allison
PM - unidentified
SG - Snuff Garrett
SW - Si Waronker

Parent Label:EMI Music
Sublabels:All Time Hit Series, Chipmunk Series, Jazz Unlimited Series, Liberty Deluxe Series, Liberty Stereo-Tape, Liberty/UA Jazz Series, Lighthouse Series (2), Minit, Original Golden Greats, Premier Series, ...
Contact Info:

C/O EMI Records Ltd
England ,


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