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American major record label that was launched in 1990 as a subsidiary label of The David Geffen Company, and later Geffen Records. In 1999, after the acquisition of PolyGram and its merger with MCA Records, it later operated as a division of Interscope Geffen A&M, which is owned by The Universal Music Group. Later that year, it was folded into Geffen (with Beck remaining under DGC per contract until 2003 when he was moved to the Interscope/Geffen unit). In 2007, DGC was revitalized as a subsidiary of IGA Records. In September 2021, DGC was once again permanently merged into Geffen Records, transferring the remains of its roster to either Geffen or Interscope.

Parent Label:Geffen Records
Contact Info:

DGC Records, c/o UMG Recordings, Inc.,
2220 Colorado Ave.,
Santa Monica, CA 90904 [defunct]



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