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Founded in 1991 by Dave Clarke (7) & Slam Soma Quality Recordings is a successful Scottish electronic label which has been releasing tracks in the house/tech-house/techno vein; Daft Punk's debut releases were on Soma and the label roster includes artists like Slam, Funk D'Void, H-Foundation, Percy X and many more.
The company behind the label is Soma Recordings Ltd..
The publishing entities are Soma Music, and, since 2002, SPG Publishing UK Ltd
LC 12668

Name variations as found on this profile:
- Soma Quality Recordings
- Soma Records
- Soma Recordings - England

Parent Label:Soma Recordings Ltd.
Sublabels:Archive Edits, Avoidant, Collective Process, Fenetik Music, Fifth Freedom, Louder Than Chaos, Paragraph, Pnuma, Soma Track Series
Contact Info:

Soma Quality Recordings Ltd,
2nd Floor,
342 Argyle Street,
G2 8LY

Tel: +44 (0) 141 229 6220
Fax: +44 (0) 141 226 4383
Email: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , YouTube


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