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American label based in Washington DC, started by Jeff Nelson (The Teen Idles, Minor Threat) and Ian MacKaye (The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Embrace (2), Fugazi, The Evens) and run from Dischord House. Mostly local hardcore, punk, emo and post-hardcore based bands signed to this DIY underground label started in 1980. Began printing barcodes on releases around 1991.

For company credits—such as Manufactured By, copyright credits, etc., please use Dischord when credited as such. If credited as Dischord Records, use this profile.

Attention: Please do always add the postpaid price from the back cover and the country of manufacturing to the notes. It is important to figure out the country and the release date and to avoid double entries. Enter country according to the currency of the price listed on the sleeve (almost always US dollars), NOT the country of manufacture. From 1984 into the 2000s, Dischord manufactured almost exclusively in France and England, but correct country is generally US.

Parent Label:Dischord
Sublabels:Discard Records (2), Northern Liberties, Rebel Music
Contact Info:

3819 Beecher St. NW
Washington, DC 20007-1802

Order info: [email protected]
General info: [email protected]
Press and Radio info: [email protected]
Distribution and Press in Europe: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , Wikipedia


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