Back To Black


Vinyl reissue series started in 2008 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the "long-playing vinyl".
Originally subtitled "60th Vinyl Anniversary", this label is specialized in re-release of classic original albums on 180 gram vinyl.
Some releases include a voucher code to download the album in MP3 format and are generally identified with a "Back To Black" logo sticker on shrink-wrap.
This series is a part of Universal Music Group.
© Universal Music Group International 2008.

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
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  • Avatar de Skullthorn
    Slayer- Undisputed Attitude press isn't on here that i can find, anyone got one to list info?
    • Avatar de fgi69
      The Nirvana "Nevermind" pressing on this label is the worst pressing EVER!!
      • Avatar de smokeycockatiel
        I have the Abba Back to black vinyl records. very poorly pressed. even with the finest cartridge and stylus they skip :-(
        • Avatar de pokemogumaru
          Should have called it mp3 on vinyl. Three more words.
          • Avatar de sensibill
            The download coupon is not worth the hassle. You have to jump through several hoops to get access to the download its a scam
            • Avatar de briang
              The Back to Black records I have end up scratched from removing the record from the super tight and staticky inner sleeve. They’re much more statically charged than other records I own for some reason. I think perhaps it’s the material the glossy inner sleeve is composed? Might just start slicing the inner sleeve to get these out initially without scratches and then put them in poly sleeves.
              • Avatar de 12inchrules
                Editado hace 3 años
                I own a few Back To Black records and all ar crap. Perhaps there are some good ones out there, but ill avoid records with this sticker! I'll hunt for originals!
                • Avatar de andyjl65
                  This is my comparative review of the original 21 track(!!) Get Happy! LP (1980 Elvis Costello & the Attractions) carried out today with the double vinyl 'Back To Vinyl' version ....

                  Received the double vinyl copy today and , having made recordings of a couple of tracks from the original and this new one...I have to say the original still sounds best.
                  The reissue sound a little anaemic in comparison, fractionally flatter dynamically and tonally.
                  Also, despite all that spare wax it's cut on, it has been cut 'cold' (without the signal strength and dynamics all that extra vinyl space could allow for) - indeed High Fidelity (the inner track on both LPs) is ~2dBs lower on the double album! A missed opportunity (...opportunity...they missed a big opportunity, paraphrase)
                  So..those with the original, need not feel they are missing out.
                  However, it still beats the 2003 CD on my system and is a heavy, flat, quiet pressing and if I was to discount the extra surface clicks and pops on my 40 year old, second hand original, then I would say this reissue is 90% as good as the first edition so pretty good.
                  • Avatar de k2apache6.0
                    Editado hace 4 años
                    Some are great and some poor. It's a crapshoot ..Do your homework 1st!
                    I was pleasantly surprised with their Dire Straits 'Brothers in arms' RE/RM. Despite some of the material being sourced digitally, the remastering would appear to have tweaked it. This one compares quite well to my highly acclaimed audiophile Pallas 2009 Grundman remasters of 3 of the band's other albums, which were all sourced from the original analog tapes. This particular BIA one 'seems' to be a copy of the RTI 1/2 speed redo of this album from a few years back(?). Very quiet noise floor, punchy, dynamic. Artwork and overall presentation top notch too. I have heard the opposite with some of their offerings, so due diligence is required, don't be lazy.
                    • Avatar de SebCrateDigger
                      Editado hace 4 años
                      2008...The year when Universal lost many many many records in a fire. Not a coincidence...