Domino is an independent label founded in Putney, South West London by Laurence Bell and his partner Jacqui Rice in 1993.
The label initially focused on American acts such as Sebadoh, Palace or Smog before signing British acts in the late '90s.
The label operates a US division, located in Brooklyn, which output was initially identified by its own catalogue number schemes, DOMUS then DNO (used until 2013), when the releases handled by the UK headquarters are identified by WIG (albums) and RUG (singles and EPs) catalogue numbers.
The company operating the label, Domino Recording Co. Ltd., diversified, establishing a publishing arm and a series of labels (Ribbon Music, Double Six (2), Weird World (2), ...).

The addresses listed on the releases can be helpful identifiers:
• editions mainly aimed at the European markets will typically list the London address first (eg A Bath Full Of Ecstasy), when the editions aimed at the North American markets will typically list the Brooklyn, NY address first (eg A Bath Full Of Ecstasy);
• the US division was initially located on Washington Street, Brooklyn, before moving to Jay Street, Brooklyn in late 2014 - this can be used to identify reissues (eg Suck It And See vs. Suck It And See).

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    Warning - Domino presses their North American releases at the notoriously bad Rainbo Records facility. Do not buy them unless you enjoy off-center, non-filled noisy pressings. If you must buy anything by Domino, the European pressings (typically handled by Optimal) are usually passable.