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Label Code: LC 1222 / LC 01222
First known as Fania Records later label changed to just Fania. Please use always Fania Records for label.
For any unofficial / bootleg / counterfeit copies of this label please use Fania Records (2)
Label created in late 1963 by Johnny Pacheco and Jerry Masucci that became known as the Motown of Latin music.

At one time (pre-2005) the nearly 3,000 title catalog was readily available on CD. Since then, only a few hundred titles have seen the light of day due to changing ownership of the rights to the catalog and other complications.

In 2005, Fania Records was acquired by Miami-based Emusica from the Masucci family. In 2009 Código Music purchased the label from eMusica. Both times a program was started to reissue the catalog on CD but the first attempt stalled when the ownership moved from Emusica to Código Music. Sometime in 2011/12 the reissue attempts of Código Music started to go out-of-print and became yet again unavailable as Código Music's distribution was changing hand to a company called Red.

On July 27, 2018, the label was sold to Concord Music.

Parent Label:Concord Music Group
Sublabels:Barbaro, Cotique, Exitos, Fania De Panama, Fania International, Fania Signature, Inca Records, International Records, Ltd., La Herencia, Mavi Records, ...
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5757 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite 230
Miami, FL 33126

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