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US record label founded by Bob Irwin in 1988 specializing in vinyl reissues of classic albums from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. See also Sundazed. All of the graphic design and mastering work for the releases is done in-house, and the selling prices for the releases were deliberately kept low for customers.

Sundazed has gone through phases where they change up who they typically get to cut the records and press the records. In the late 2010's/early 2020's, they started working with Third Man Records for primary manufacturing of their releases.

Cutting (approximate dates):
2000's: George Ingram (GI or GEO) or Wes Garland (WG) (2006 and after) at Nashville Record Productions (NRP)
2000's: Mark Richardson (3) (MJR) at Prairie Cat Mastering (PC)
Mid-2000's: Paul Gold (PGold) at Brooklyn Phono
Mid to Late-2000's: George Ingram (GI) or Wes Garland (WG) at Nashville Record Productions (NPR)
2010's-Present: Kevin Gray (KPG) at Cohearent Audio (CA)
Late 2010's/Early 2020's: William Thomas Skibbe (WTS) or Warren Defever (WAR) at Third Man Mastering (TMM)

Pressing (approximate dates):
1990's/Mid 2000's: MCA Pressing Plant, Gloversville (Stick '1' in runouts (not always), single 25 mm pressing ring, plain white paper inner sleeves)
2000's/2010's: United Record Pressing (29/70mm pressing rings typically with Ⓤ in the runouts, plain white paper inner sleeves, and tight shrink)
Late-2000's/2010's: Rainbo Records (Rainbo catalog no. format S-XXXXX, plain white paper inner sleeves and tight shrink)
Early 2010's: Quality Record Pressings (no runout markings, QRP rice-paper inner sleeves and loose fitting perforated poly-bags or resealable outer sleeves)
2010's: Record Technology Incorporated (RTI catalog no. format XXXXX.X(X), clear poly inner sleeves and loose fitting perforated poly-bags, sometimes includes RTI hype sticker)
Mid-2010's: Brooklyn Phono (no runout markings, plain white paper inner sleeves or poly-lined white paper inner sleeves and tight shrink, 32/64mm pressing rings)
Late 2010's-Present: Third Man Pressing (32mm pressing ring, may include TMP in the runouts, poly-lined white paper inner sleeves, and resealable outer sleeve)
2022-Present: Citizen Vinyl (clear poly inner sleeves and resealable outer sleeve)

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Contact Info:

Street Address:
Sundazed Music, Inc.
1 Reed St # 1
Coxsackie, NY 12051

Postal Address:
Sundazed Music, Inc.
P.O. Box 85
Coxsackie, NY 12051

Phone: +1 (518) 731-6262
Fax: +1 (518) 731-9492
Toll Free Order Line (US & Canada only): +1 (800) 295-8079

Email: [email protected]

Sundazed Music / Modern Harmonic
30 Music Square West, Suite 210
Nashville, TN 37203
615.214.4361" , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , YouTube ,


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