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Netherlands based electronic dance music label founded in 2005

Parent Label:Be Yourself Music
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  • Avatar de chrisxanthus
    Bring back the vinyl!!
    • Avatar de LilTheater
      It's easy to see why DJs like Armin van Buuren hold High Contrast in a high regard, this is a label that has consistently released singles since 2005 without a noticeable drop in quality and its flexibility for different genres is stronger than ever. Its unique image has also made it a standout label in an age where labels release singles with little to no thought put into the cover art, and even if the download portals provide the generic purple & pink label art instead of the vinyl cover you can be proud to have that sitting alongside more elaborate art from other genres in your collection. Image isn't everything, but High Contrast clearly understands that it helps that make your label more appealing. Hell, there's another unique point right there: High Contrast still releases vinyls.

      Plus with a roster of progressive geniuses like Benno de Goeij, Marcel Woods and Nic Chagall regularly contributing releases, this label is set to remain a favourite for a very very long time.