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German record company founded 1970 by Philippe Sautot and Dr. Jürgen Moll; located in Großkönigsdorf/Frechen near Cologne.
The company had affiliates in the US (Delta Music Inc.) and the UK (Delta Music Ltd.) and licensing deals with companies in other countries.
In 2007, the Delta Music GmbH went bankrupt and was succeeded by Delta Music & Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG in 2008.
Correct spelling: Delta Music GmbH. The company is sometimes mentioned as "Delta Musik GmbH".

Sublabels:Bassukah, Capriccio Digital, Capriole, Classic Feeling, Classical Evolution, Delta #1, Delta Entertainment (2), Laserlight Classics, Music Digital, Music Kids, ...
Contact Info:

Delta Music GmbH
Europaallee 59
D-50226 Frechen

Delta Music GmbH
5020 Frechen 4

Delta Music GmbH
D-5020 Königsdorf


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