Compilation series from Canadian label Unidisc featuring 12" versions of Disco and Funk dance classics from the 70s and 80s.

The original artwork can be found on volumes 1 to 25 and has in the title "Vol. #".
The updated artwork is seen on volumes 26 to 42 and also on the reissues of older volumes 1 to 7, 9, 12 and 23. They have in the title "Volume #".

On most reissues, the tracks are the same on both the original and reissue version. But on volumes 4 and 12 the tracklisting is different.

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    This collection could have been really nice were it not for several glitches:
    - the first volume offers 10 tracks, vol. 2 to 12 offer 8 tracks only, vol. 13 to 25 again 10 tracks, vol. 26 & 27 give 12 tracks and vol. 28 to 42 again 10 tracks;
    - several tracks have been included twice in the whole series (for ex. Gino Soccio "Try It Out" in vol. 6 and 18; Barbara Roy "If You Want Me" in vol. 15 and 42);
    - the "updated work" should have kept the original cover design;
    - some reissues of older cds don't even offer quite exactly the same tracklisting (for ex. the original 8-title vol.12 shares only 4 tracks with the 10-title reissue).

    As a whole this 42-cd compilation series gives a feeling of either a botched or devil-may-care or scatterbrain job despite it having been based on a really good idea. Anyway, it's still interesting to listen to these 12" versions and enjoy this very soothing music.