WEA Records, S.A.


Spanish record company founded around late 1981/early 1982, affiliated of WEA International Inc. (Warner Bros., Elektra and Atlantic labels previously marketed in Spain by Hispavox, S.A.). Please be aware that this company have many reissues using first editions dates, it can be useful to know that first 80s releases were distributed by Ariola Eurodisc S.A., and since middle 80s, by Discos CBS, S.A., Madrid.
Please notice WEA Records, S.A. is not a label but a company. Use the branded label instead as label. Please add role played by company - Record Company, (P) or (c).
For Greek releases use WEA Records S.A.

Parent Label:WEA International Inc.
Sublabels:2 Lps. Originales en 1 Cassette, Buen Precio, Dos En Uno, Musica De Baile
Contact Info:

C/ López De Hoyos, Nº 42
28006 Madrid, Spain.

(redundant, in the early 80s):
c/ Albacete, 5
Madrid - 27

(redundant, in the middle-late 80s):
c/ Condesa de Venadito, 1
28027 Madrid


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