Warner Music Spain


Use this label for releases with the "W" logo with "Warner Music Spain" written beneath it.

The regional Warner company that typically uses this branding is:
From 1991 until 2009: Warner Music Spain, S.A.
Since 2010: Warner Music Spain S.L.

If the full company name appears on your release in a role other than the copyright holder, then use that profile.

Parent Label:Warner Music Spain S.L.
Sublabels:2CD ORIGINALES, Essential Albums, Fangoria 1990-2017, Latin - Jazz, Ñ (Los Éxitos Del Año), Vamos A La Feria Con (Sus Grandes Sevillanas)
Contact Info:

Warner Music Spain
Calle Lopez de Hoyos, 42
2nd Floor
28006 Madrid , Instagram , Facebook , YouTube


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