Домашняя Коллекция


The label is also known as Home Collection or Home Coll.

Домашняя Коллекция was a pirate MP3-CD-ROM label, gathering albums from people, encoding them and making MP3 compilations with similar inlay design - an artist photo, usually copied from the Internet, artist name and series color stripes, depending on the type of music contained on CD-ROM.

There are four series:
Красная серия: the red series for all kinds of rock and pop artists.
Черная серия: the black series for extreme music, like metal and industrial.
Серия "Джаз": the jazz series.
Серия "Блюз": the blues series.

Although the date on the most releases ends on 2004, these CDs are still reprinted today on (& sometimes under different label names and with different artwork).

Parent Label:Delta-MM Corp
Sublabels:Jazz & Blues (3), Romantic Collection (11), Блюз (2), Джаз (2), ДК Экспресс, Домашнее Собрание Классики, Красная Серия, Черная Серия


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