Third Man Records


Third Man Records was originally founded 2001 by Jack White (2), Ben Swank and Ben Blackwell in Detroit.
In March 2010, a physical location was established in Nashville, TN.

TMR building serves as the company headquarter and houses the label's offices plus a vinyl record store, photo studio, dark room and performance stage.
The White Stripes, The Raconteurs & The Dead Weather are the best known bands produced by TMR.

Parent Label:Third Man Records, LLC
Sublabels:American Epic, Blue Room Sessions, Blue Series, Blue Stage Sessions, Document Reissues, Luck Mansion Sessions, OJ Plum Series, School Choirs & Bands At Third Man, Spoken Word Instructional Series, Third Man Live, ...
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623 7th Avenue South
Nasvhille, TN 37203
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  • Avatar de 1928khst
    i´m in close contact with a recordlabel in germany, also giving a helping hand for the last 8 months and i can honestly say, that there was never any
    serious or unserious quality control within all three well known recording plants in europe. at least what we experienced in the process of preparing
    6 different releases. total lack of care. we´re still facing the desastrous "vinyl hole", lasting from 1990 to 2000.
    most vinyl out of the 70´s, especially the period around the oil crisis from ´73 on, which was often ridiculously wobbly at least due to my
    experiences was excellent vinyl. so back in the 70´s/80´s vinyl pressing seemed to be no art but serious handcraft.
    • Avatar de AriLikesVinyl
      I have two records from their detroit plant, pressed in the last year. The best sounding records in my collection.
      • Avatar de markpetz88
        It needs to be mentioned that the records they now manufacture at Third Man Pressing in Detroit have been some of the best quality modern slabs of vinyl I have purchased in recent years. Quality control is MUCH better than what was seen in the earlier years of TMR, stuff pressed at United WAS trash. Other than a few too-small spindle holes and slight warps, the pressings are quiet, flat, and when color is involved, beautiful.
        • Avatar de tomblankshot
          I shudder at the thought of encountering the audiophile snobs who claim Third Man's pressings are unlistenable. Hardcore record collectors can tend to be obnoxious, let's be real. For 99% of people who buy records it is a simple, fun experience not an obsessive scientific endeavor to achieve sound perfection. Third Man makes record collecting fun. Maybe try CD's or FLAC files for that flawless audio experience.
          • Avatar de robert.huffman.311
            The records are poor because they are pressed by United who press junk. Don't know why they continue to use them since Jack acts like he cares but United clearly doesn't.
            • Avatar de gddctr
              yeah, these guy quality control is not good. passing on future stuff from them
              • Editado hace 7 años
                Cheap pressings & too much noise. Some reissues are coming but labels who release them are not so cool. They CANNOT MANAGE the vinyl pressings, the sound & the package of them. Third Man label is one of them. Listeners are not sheep anymore. They use new hi-fi stuff, new turntables with expensive cathridges, strong amplifiers & speakers & they know.
                • Avatar de Sagacity_Records
                  My Pearl Jam Vault package skips thru the entire thing and Third Man is giving me all kinds of crap. I've sent 2 videos because they require proof within 10 days, but so far they haven't said they will replace. I'm extremely dissapointed. I've never had a record company be so reluctant to fix a problem. I won't ever be ordering from them again.