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Echa un vistazo a las listas de la comunidad de Discogs. Puede haber listas de todo tipo: portadas de álbumes de gran calidad, productores prolíficos, álbumes más populares para la Navidad, etc. ¡Las posibilidades son infinitas! Las listas pueden girar en torno a artistas, ediciones, sellos discográficos o incluso otras listas.

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Listas que nos gustan

Here are a few Lists we think deserve a mention.

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Stolen CDs Reclamation Project SilentEarth46

about 2 hours ago
Mystifier Too.Late

about 3 hours ago
Myy jarn8

about 8 hours ago
ArcTanGent 2023 IceboundTub

Not on discogs : Butch Kassidy (Thursday) / False Hope for the Savage (Thursday) / Host Body (Friday) / Lys Morke (Friday) / Project Mishram...

about 12 hours ago
The Sum Of Your Life: September 21, 2009 hymns

Hosted by [a=Ironing] broadcast live on September 21, 2009, 8-10pm EST on

about 12 hours ago
MANO NEGRA ranked albums jahtiz

about 13 hours ago
Elvis Albums Ranked fantastickkay

Based on what is in my collection

about 14 hours ago
Records I'm willing to trade Haggerty

about 15 hours ago
1978 Firefinga

about 17 hours ago
Kleez Mix - 432 Time To Get Funky Part 2 kleezrotterdam

about 18 hours ago
Bill Bruford chris.koutsouris.50

about 21 hours ago
Ovaryaction Radio 07.06.2023 HobbyBuch

1 day ago
The Sum Of Your Life: September 14, 2009 hymns

Hosted by [a=Ironing] broadcast live on September 14, 2009, 8-10pm EST on

1 day ago
Trance favorites, 1990-2005 Jademaster

The tracks I enjoy most. Thanks to the Discogs community for introducing me to many of these.

1 day ago
M2 Defense justintjacobs

1 day ago
50 ans Rock Nyon sigfredoharo

1 day ago
Chess GRP reissues without series suadero

Preceded by: Followed by:

1 day ago
Garage House Jizo30

1 day ago
Rotting Christ Too.Late

2 days ago
Cassette Only Releases I Need usapc10

All of these have NO VINYL release. They may have CD/Digital releases, but in terms of analog/hi-fi formatting, they only have cassette as an option.

2 days ago
beatmania IIDX Original Soundtracks HITOBUTA

MISSING: 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30

2 days ago
Mix: Joy (2023-06-06) borge_jensen

2 days ago
My most hated tracks lengerichssound

So i've been on here for about two years - but it's mostly been about the stuff i love. I havent been very vocal about what i don't like. But in...

2 days ago
Favourite Albums Garrett26

In no particular order.

3 days ago
Underrated songs that I believe deserved much more success. lasergirl

3 days ago