Essential Hardcore Punk Sevens

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  1. Koro - EP

    What a 4 figure nightmare this one. True outside-looking-in genius nurtured in an environment of alienation and exclusion. Demented Appalachian Smoky mountain dweller vibes.

  2. Siege (2) - Drop Dead

    Their influence is only paralleled by their obscurity.

  3. Zouo - The Final Agony

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    Inexplicable infernal outbursts recorded in a slap-back underground dungeon. Sanctioned by Satan himself!

  4. Chain Reaction (5) - Gabbie

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    A truly wonderful underproduced Italian screamer. Oft overlooked by idiots in favor of the usual Olive farming suspects.

  5. Nog Watt - Fear

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  6. LSD (11) - Jast Last

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