Brian EnoGenerative Music 1


Lista de Títulos

1Densities III5:00
2Klee 4.25:00
4Lysis (Tungsten)46:40
5Methane IV7:44
7NS - 90015:00
8Platform 2925:00
9Rothko Doric5:00
10Seed Reflector1:50
11Supporting Circle1:40

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Generative Music 1 with SSEYO Koan Software

(C) Opal Music, 1996

System requirements
Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or later. IBM compatible 486 33MHz or higher, 8MB RAM minimum, 3MB free hard disk space, Creative Labs SB32/AWE32 soundcard, VGA or higher resolution graphics card, mouse. 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy drive for installation.

The files are in .skp format, and require the Koan Player software to be played. Every time a file is played it generates a different version of the piece.
There were also three "demo tracks", downloadable for free from the SSEYO web page: "Babylon Papillaris", "Methane 2" and "Organa 2".


  • Avatar de SealedHeaven
    Editado hace 2 años
    VP has it right, this is classic-Eno as-was in '82. I have all of this as files rather than fiddling with soft, but do check out 'More Generative Music' from the usual suspects. There you'll find the 10-min 'Pulse 1E' which is perhaps the most darkly beautiful thing that Eno has written since 'Prophecy' and 'Ascent'...
    • Avatar de VincentPresley
      Great, darker, minimalist drone that sounds a lot more serious than most of Eno's 90's - 2000's semi pop albums. I love his 70's work and a lot of the 80's ambient albums, especially Ambient 4, but he kind of lost me for a while in the late 80's with Wrong Way Up. The 90's albums with beats end up sounding a lot more dated where as this one is so simple that it ends up being more timeless. Like Budd's Abandoned Cities it's just cool, dark, really simple drone.
      • Avatar de diegotrystero
        Editado hace 13 años
        About truncated "Lysis (Tungsten)" comment in the note I wrote one year ago: I played it with Koan Player version 2.2 and 2.5 and it stopped at 3:00, then I tried with Koan Player 2.0 (1997) and with this version the track plays perfectly, from 0:00 to 46:27. I deleted the wrong note.
        • Avatar de Nai.Khamlang.Jai
          For myself, I recompiled 'GM I' and left four tracks out, those with hi-freq resonances. As result I got a 70 minutes dark melancholic tapestry of impressionism, very suitable as subliminal background for decent late-night computer operations. Stylistic similar to 'The Shutov Assembly', Generative Music I is for die-hard Eno admirers and those, willing to accept sounds bare of drums, beats and jagged mindtorching laser effects. The mammoth track 'Lysis (Tungsten)', has in my copy 46.40 min full playable content and is not truncated. For fans.


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