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RadioheadOK Computer

Sello:Capitol Records – 7243 8 55229 1 8
Serie:From The Capitol Vaults
2 x Vinilo, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, 180 gram
Género:Electronic, Rock
Estilo:Alternative Rock, Experimental

Lista de Títulos

A2Paranoid Android6:23
A3Subterranean Homesick Alien4:27
B4Exit Music (For A Film)4:24
B5Let Down4:59
B6Karma Police4:21
C7Fitter Happier1:57
C9Climbing Up The Walls4:45
C10No Surprises3:48
D12The Tourist5:24

Compañías, etc.



Gatefold sleeve.
Tracks are numbered sequentially.

℗1997 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd. ©1997 EMI Records Ltd.

audio recordings made using the canned applause? mobile.
guitars by Rickenbacker and Plank, Drums by Premier, cymbals by Zildjan, all other instruments at retail price.

mastered at Abbey Road.
audio fixing and dubbing done at Mayfair, Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst, Courtyard and The Church using the wonders of the digital and analogue age.

all songs published by Warner Chappell Ltd. lyrics used by kind permission even though we wrote them.
sample from Flight of the Condor used with permission.
we hope you are ok. thankyou for listening.

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Código de Barras: 724385522918
  • Matriz/zona muerta (LP 1 labels): (7243 8 57331 1 6)
  • Matriz/zona muerta (LP 2 labels): (7243 8 57332 1 5)
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side A [eeny] runouts, etched): S-66064 Re1 0724385522918-A G2 Rm
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side B [meeny] runouts, etched): S-66065 0724385522918-B G1 Rm
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side C [miney] runouts, etched): S-66066 0724385522918-C G1 Rm
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side D [mo] runouts, etched): S-66067 Re1 0724385522918-D G2 Rm
  • Matriz/zona muerta (All sides' runouts, stamped): MASTERED BY CAPITOL

Otras versiones (5 de 189)Ver Todos

Título (Formato)SelloCat. nºPaísAño
OK Computer (CD, Album, Stereo)Parlophone, Parlophone7243 8 55229 2 5, CDNODATA 02Europe1997
OK Computer (CD, Album)Capitol RecordsCDP 7243 8 55229 2 5US1997
OK Computer (CD, Album)Parlophone7243 8 55229 2 5Canada1997
OK Computer (CD, Album, Misprint)Parlophone7243 8 55229 2 5Argentina1997
OK Computer (Minidisc, Album)Parlophone7243 8 55229 8 7UK1997
Imagen de perfil de TazerFloyd
I bought my copy of this when it was released and it is a murky distorted mess. Sounds like the music is being broadcast out of a tin can. Find another pressing because this one is a gamble.
Imagen de perfil de dartboardpicasso
To the people who have a terrible copy from this pressing - I believe you.

To the people who have a great copy from this pressing - I believe you.

Rainbo is a real crap shoot.
Imagen de perfil de AlanisCorset
my copy has some surface noise even after a wet cleaning, along with some random distortion as well. overall pretty good, not amazing.
Imagen de perfil de edgeless22
Bought this on Bleep on sale for 16€. It's outragious that people here are selling this for more than 200€. Discogs is becoming a dangerous place where sellers are speculating and it's a fraud. please Discogs, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Besides this, the pressing of this reissue is marvellous. Deep sound, crystal clean!
Imagen de perfil de elegantcaste1
Yeah, I don't know guys. I have this pressing (my copy is mint), bought it back in 2013 or 2014 and I've always thought it sounded pretty good. Bought a new pair of reference headphones last week and am listening to the album with them now and it seems to have plenty of depth, dead quiet pressing, on center, crisp highs, fat and detailed bass.
Imagen de perfil de Guitarded88
My copy sounded terrible. Bought it years ago and barely touched it.

Recently was able to clean with a spinclean and this is so much better now. Some of the issues are still there: random distortion on high end, and distortion towards the end of the side with deeper inner grooves.

However, now this thing sounds awesome. Completely opened the record up. There is a great sounding record under all the grime. I'm thinking if I can find a better cleaning solution the remaining bit of distortion will go away.
Imagen de perfil de Nibiru
Editado hace un año
Well, after years of owning this version, and barely playing it, I must say it sounds like shit compared to the 97' CD I've owned since it was released. Inside cuts are distorted and compressed. The highs are crusty and distorted throughout. Not fun, but oh well, I have a solid digi copy.
Imagen de perfil de whitespyder
I've got mine pretty early on (thinking i'd get a UK repress...). I'm pretty sure it was before 2010.

I've compared it to my OG UK CD & OKNOTOK EU LP (through 2 rather nice turntables/systems) and, sound-wise, it's far from being as bad as some have encountered. In fact, some parts can be heard better than on the remaster (but i assume it comes from the different mixing) and the bass seems a bit more present. On the other side, the remaster have a better separation, and therefore sounds a bit clearer. But the US repress is far from being muddy to me. Also i haven't heard any sibilance in both pressings.
Packaging wise, there is nothing bad to say: carboard is sturdy & records seem even heavier than the remaster (if that matters). I also welcome the original artwork, especially in the gatefold (which the remaster doesn't have). Too bad the etched messages aren't in the runouts anymore.
The only problem comes from the horrible QC Rainbo is known for: all sides came with marks. Thankfully, it has little to no effect on the sound. Still, the remaster wins here as it is almost quiet.

I guess Capitol has pressed tons of those VS Parlophone in the UK/EU. I reckon the plates must have suffered from that like someone else said already.
So, if you're in the States, find an early copy and play-test it, maybe you'll be up for a bargain VS the UK repress or even the UK OG...
Imagen de perfil de SongAndDanceMan9
Editado hace un año
My copy is good. No surface noise, pretty good dynamics.
Imagen de perfil de Vulcatron
Shocked to find how poor this pressing is. Lots of surface noise (somehow side 4 is nearly unaffected) and very muddy. The base and mids blend together resulting in a serious lack of clarity, while the highs are occasionally struck by sibilance. Great shame, as this is one of my favorite albums. Especially strange, as I own several other Radiohead albums that sound fantastic. Stay away from this pressing.