Culture BeatMr. Vain

Sello:Dance Pool – DAN 659152 2, Dance Pool – 659152 2
CD, Maxi-Single
Estilo:Eurodance, Euro House

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1Mr. Vain (Vain Mix)6:35
2Mr. Vain (Decent Mix)7:06
3Mr. Vain (Special Radio Edit)4:17

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Published by Edition "Get Into Magic" Warner Chappell
Thanx to Nouri, Mehmet, Fernand and Keneth Bager
From the forthcoming album

℗ 1993 Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH
© 1993 Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH/Dance Pool ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Firma Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Made in Austria

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Código de Barras (Text): 5 099765 915228
  • Código de Barras (Scanned): 5099765915228
  • Código del sello: LC 6772
  • Código de precio: CB 608
  • Entidad de gestión colectiva (Boxed): GEMA
  • Otro (Compact disc maxi single indicator): CD-MS
  • Otro (Manufacturing code): 12-659152-14
  • Otro (Variant 1, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17 inner ring):
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 1, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A3 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 2, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 B8 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 3, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 B11 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 4, mirrored): 12-659152-14 23 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 5, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A4 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 6, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A8 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 7, mirrored): 12-659152-14 23 A6 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 8, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A9 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 9, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A2 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 10, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A13 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 11, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 B3 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 12, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A10 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 13, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 B7 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 14, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A15 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 15, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 B13 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 16, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A14 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Variant 17, mirrored): 12-659152-14 11 A1 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA

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Título (Formato)SelloCat. nºPaísAño
Recientemente editado
Mr. Vain (12", 45 RPM)Dance Pool, Dance Pool659152 6, DAN 659152 6Germany1993
Mr. Vain (Remix) (CD, Maxi-Single)Dance Pool, Dance Pool659152 5, DAN 659152 5Europe1993
Mr. Vain (12", 45 RPM, Promo)EpicXPR 1930UK1993
Recientemente editado
Mr. Vain (Remix) (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition)Dance Pool659152 8Germany1993
Recientemente editado
Mr. Vain (12", 33 ⅓ RPM)Epic, Sony 550 Music46 77214US1993
  • Avatar de rogersebben
    R.I.P Torsten Fenslau. Love your music. Love your work. Cheers From Brasil.
    • Avatar de 42gazelle
      RIP Torsten Fenslau! He was part of the early 90's german dance scene, along with Sven Vath and DJ Dag... Most people stateside have no clue who he is, lol. Mr Vain, hehe
      • Avatar de adylee
        Editado hace 2 años
        I didnt actually hear this first at the time when I was buying all German imports my mother actually had the kitchen radio on I heard her shout through the window outside to me theres a song on the radio that you might like lol. ;)
        the comments about tracks like this are shit sometimes the shit songs are usually the best if you get me...

        For a dance track its produced rather well like 2 unlimited No Limit......I remember here in the UK they sold out of these CDs I remember clearly the gaps on the shelf' especially 2 unlimited No Limit I used to see people come in for a copy (when I was collecting my orders) id hear the staff say sorry we've have sold out try again next week 😂
        my girlfriend at the time wanted it and we had to travel on the bus to 3 HMV's to get a copy 😂😂
        dam I feel old.
        Culture Beat Mr Vain, 2 Unlimited No Limit, Felix Don't You Want Me I can still remember them stocking the shelves with these CD's 😵
        • Avatar de there-is-magic
          Editado hace 2 años
          The first big hit from Culture Beat. Love this song. It's a shame that all the tracks on this is the same just with different arrangements. But this is the case for all of Culture Beat's singles from this album and the first

          Mr. Vain (Vain Mix) - Has a more DJ intro as it starts with the awesome bass line playing and then the kick comes followed by different percussion before the synth riff hits. My favorite version of the original song

          Mr. Vain (Decent Mix) - This version is more of a intro version. It starts with a pad playing, then a ride comes in followed by the riff played by a guitar and a tambourine. then it continue to build up with the bass, more percussion, kick and a repeating synth melody before the main synth riff comes in

          Mr. Vain (Special Radio Edit) - Just a radio edit of the song. Is is a little bit different from the version used in the music video. It starts with the main riff being played by a guitar sound instead of the main synth sound

          All of the versions also has a little bit of difference in the part that comes after the chorus and before the second verse
          • Avatar de andponomarev
            This is just a fantastic Eurodance tune from 90s. Highly suggested.
            • Avatar de nihilisten
              On the cover it says "thanks to Kenneth Bager". Bager came up with the idea for the synthesizer melody leading up to the 2nd chorus (begins at 1:05 in the radio edit).
              • 1 of the millions awesome songs from great 90´s sound
                • Avatar de Risingson
                  Second eurodance review I make in the same day... I knew all of these songs thanks to MTV, and this one was one of the most memorable, not because of the song itself - which is a simple fine dance song with rap and diva voice and pretty good synths and basslines - but because of the video, one that spreaded sexuality all over the tv without having a bit of sex, just people having fruit. My bet is that this song was that well-known because of that, because itself it is not much more than a slightly improved variation of 2Unlimited's "No Limit".
                  • Avatar de DamnU2
                    It's a massive!
                    • Avatar de JohnMo
                      Editado hace 11 años
                      One of the best Eurodance Tracks Ever!


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