Caustic WindowCompilation

Sello:Rephlex – CAT 009 LP
3 x Vinilo, 12", 45 RPM, Compilation
Estilo:Abstract, Techno, Experimental, Industrial

Lista de Títulos

Joyrex J4
A1Joyrex J44:30
A2AFX 1141:21
B2Italic Eyeball4:25
B3Pigeon Street0:23
Joyrex J5
C2On The Romance Tip5:06
DJoyrex J56:54
Joyrex J9
E2Clayhill Dub3:24
F1The Garden Of Linmiri6:10
F2We Are The Music Makers (Hardcore Mix)3:59

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Compilation of tracks from Caustic Window EPs: Joyrex J4 (CAT 004) Joyrex J5 (CAT 005) and Joyrex J9 (CAT 009ii).

The UK triple-LP for "Compilation" comes with a rectangular white [print] on black sleeve sticker affixed which wraps around a small portion of the front picture sleeve and then onto its back, requiring this seal to initially be broken in order to open its clear plastic double-gatefold sleeve.

There is also a 2nd re-issue from the Caustic Window compilation, released in 2002. That was issued in a regular plain dark-green sleeve with a sticker affixed on the front which goes around the top and onto its back, requiring this seal to initially be broken in order to open the sleeve.

Re-pressed again in the summer of 2007.

A full (slower) version of the drone track that can just about be heard in the mix of The Garden Of Linmiri can be found on the AFX-Analogue Bubblebath 3 CD release as CD Track 1.

Tracks from the original releases that are excluded from this release are "Pop Corn" (Joyrex J4) and "Untitled (R2-D2)" (Joyrex J5).

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Código de Barras: 5 027238 000911
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Run-out Side A): CAT004-A2 PR-M PORKY PRIME CUT
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Run-out Side B): CAT 004 - B1 PR-M PORKY
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Run-out Side C): CAT 005-A1 A PORKY PRIME CUT PR-M
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Run-out Side D): CAT 005 B-02- -
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Run-out Side E): CAT 009 !! -A2 1 A PORKY PRIME CUT.
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Run-out Side F): CAT 009 !! B1

Otras versiones (5 de 12)

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Título (Formato)SelloCat. nºPaísAño
Compilation (CD, Compilation)RephlexCAT 009 CDUK1998
Recientemente editado
Compilation (CD, Compilation, Stereo)RephlexAICT 33Japan1998
Recientemente editado
Compilation (CD, Compilation, Promo)RephlexCAT 009 CDUK1998
Nueva Contribución
Compilation (CD, Compilation, Promo, Stereo)RephlexAICT 33Japan1998
Recientemente editado
Compilation (3×12", 45 RPM, Compilation, Reissue, Repress)RephlexCAT 009 LPUK2002



  • Avatar de leonardstilwell
    All-time classic from RDJ. Nothing new to add here than what others have already said. Just want to reiterate what others have said about the PVC copy. Quite noisy at the beginning of sides and in between tracks, but not much noticeable during tracks. Just be aware of that.

    Personally, I find the noisy, lo-fi interstitials charming. They add an underground flare to the proceedings I quite like.
    • Avatar de killdacircle
      Editado hace 8 meses
      I just opened a copy of this I must have purchased around 2002 that I left sealed and mostly in storage until now. I’m pretty sure the price tag was $18.99.

      Sounds amazing, and I’m so glad I picked up releases like this back in the day. I don’t have Richard’s entire discography, but I have quite a bit, and I’m really happy to have quite a few more obscure ones like this and Analog Bubblebath releases.
      • Avatar de RedRabbit
        Found this in the wild but it’s missing the Joyrex J9 disc. If someone is willing to let that one go, please let me know. Thanks!
        • Avatar de TheFleshExp
          Took a chance on a PVC burned copy…got it for super cheap and sure, it looks pretty matte and cloudy but sounds awesome. There’s a light hiss mostly only noticeable at the beginning of each side and in between songs. Far from unlistenable. The actual pressing sounds fantastic and the music is killllller. Love it at both 33rpm and 45rpm. I think I prefer 33 1/3 actually for most of it. Essential RDJ if you’re into the darker, harsher stuff too. I most certainly am.
          • Avatar de rastikertlik
            Play it at 33 rpm !!! !!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
            • Avatar de Milispky
              string arrangements removed circa late 90s.

              I saw it originally at my house where he was also there. The bulb was missing but still it remains
              • Avatar de cutjules
                Editado hace 5 años
                Great classic Acid/IDM compilation. "On The Romance Tip" is one of the best electronic track I've ever heard, but there are plenty of awesome sounds & rythms in this release. A must have !
                • Avatar de plastikfinken
                  after not playing the records for a very long time, i cleaned them thoroughly several times with an okki nokki and the regular cleaning fluid. the vinyl still looks foggy but plays perfectly fine.
                  • Avatar de electronikad
                    Essential Aphex release if you don't own the joyrex ep's. As everyone says the represses are likely to be in better condition due to the non plastic sleeves. I've got the 2007 version and it's one of my prized records. Cordialatron is so beautiful. Get it if you can.
                    • Avatar de randyj
                      Absolutely one of the best releases by Richard D James - His heavy sounds were so rePhreshing in the early 90's - and now. Unfortunately the original vinyl pressing was housed in a clear sleeve pack that leaves a "cloudy" film onto the vinyl. I've rarely played mine since learning this and removed the vinyl from the original sleeves as I would recommend to anyone who owns the original vinyl pressing.
                      ----- Question: has anyone played the stained vinyl a few times and found any improvement either visually or audibly once the needle has glided through the groves - thus likely wearing off some of the stain (for the better)? Has anyone tried carefully cleaning the vinyl beyond standard record cleaner solutions in order to clean the residue? Curious about any and all experiences related to the original pressing and success or horror stories from trying to clean it up some. Thanks.


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