Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass as reviewed by cabeefLA

27 de enero de 2006
editado over 13 years ago
The SIMPLICITY of Tiga's track is what makes it so addictive - it's a beauty - dark, minimal tech-house that sounds like early warehouse meets state of the art studio gadgetry. The original mix is propulsive, direct, but it's the rare JOAKIM remix that really rocks the house - it's glitchy, broken-down, and dirty in signature Joakim fashion - everything the guy touches is gold! I just wish Tiga saw fit to include Joakim's amazing remix (which improves the original!) on the commercial CD - you can only get it on the 12"!

Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass as reviewed by kerguenec

16 de abril de 2005
editado over 14 years ago

This record is obvious. Too obvious. Tiga admits he made it in only a few hours. Is it serious to pretend doing dance music in 2004 with a drum machine, a TB 303 and easy spoken words ? Come on ! Dj Pierre did this more than ten years ago !

Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass bxs

9 de agosto de 2015
the time taken on a track doesn't matter. if the song's good, the song's good. time =/= quality

Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass tiddlerz

21 de junio de 2011
jesper dahlback also produced this track and anyway if you make a good track in a few hours what are you supposed to do?
spent a few weeks messing around with it??? obvious maybe, but for me this one has and will stand the test of time...