Jan Vayne - Classical Trancelations area43

7 de septiembre de 2018
It's a beautiful snapshot and a compilation of it's time. I got plenty of mileage out of the 2xCD and one of the four 12"s. I never could find a whole 4xLP set. Is the 4xLP set in a picture sleeve carstock box that is open on one side? Anyway, there are some right stormers on here. The odder ones like Tim Hornsby's "The Verge" are wonderful.

Jan Vayne - Classical Trancelations as reviewed by jancito303

10 de enero de 2015

I got this thing as part of a large record collection that I purchased recently. The artwork seemed very good and I am in general very keen to listening to multiple 12" or LP records in one neat packaging. I was excited!

Without much further ado I put the needle on the record and then this cheesy, corny, predictable progressive trance (or whatever you want to call this cheap pastiche of gesampelte Scheiße) starting popping out of my speakers.
That's when I notice that this Armin Van something or other was behind it and well, that should have given it away.

Look, if you happen to like this shite, don't take it personally, I am friends with people who think Budweiser is good beer and still love them, heck I may still have this crapola available for you at a cheap price!

Jan Vayne - Classical Trancelations LiQuiD_FuSioN

28 de junio de 2015
editado over 6 years ago
I'm not a Budweiser guy, more of an Amberbock kind of guy if I can help it. I would like to say I enjoy a nice, cold tasty beer rather than slam down cheap crap.

The compilation came out in 2004, back when this kind of uplifting/melodic trance was more popular you have to keep in mind. I was so pleased to get this compilation mailed to me while I was overseas. I was 17 at the time, and more closed off and into this kind of music. So I enjoyed the melancholy, yet melodic nature of some of these tracks like:
Sweet Symphony (Junk Science Mix)
2nd Season (Mindsensation Remix)

The "Welcome To A New World (Fred Baker Mix)" was a pretty popular tune before this compilation came out as well. It's definitely got that uplifting trance sound from its time period. It's 2015 now so I don't expect anyone to take it seriously. It was great for the time, and I like to imagine some crowds lost their shit when trance DJs played it.

I won't argue my point too much, but I'm a bit biased to the fact that I listened and enjoyed this compilation to a degree. It's trance, but with a classical twist. I feel that trance, even music in general, owes credit to composers from long ago. A classical and trance fusion just seems natural in theory. Some tracks on the album are quite cheesy, even back in 2004 - like "Air A Pull (C-Quence Mix)" - I had to skip a few of them. However, it was a pretty neat concept for the time, I'll leave it at that.