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PushThe Real Anthem

Sello:Bonzai Records – BR98137
Vinilo, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM

Lista de Títulos

AUniversal Nation10:13

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Published by BMG Universal Music Publishing (Bonzai Music) 1998
Made in Belgium

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Código de Barras: 5 413647 023915
  • Entidad de gestión colectiva: SABAM

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Título (Formato)SelloCat. nºPaísAño
The Real Anthem (12")Bonzai Trance GermanyBONZAI TR 004-12Germany1998
Universal Nation (12")Bonzai RecordsBR98137RBelgium1998
Universal Nation (The Real Anthem) (CD, Maxi-Single, Enhanced)Urban563 225-2Germany1998
Universal Nation - The Remix (The Real Anthem) (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM)Bonzai Trance Germanybonzai-trance 004r-12Germany1998
The Real Anthem (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM)Bonzai Trance Progressive ItalyBTI 035Italy1998


Imagen de perfil de kingprawn65
What can you say - one of the greatest tunes in the history of popular music. A solid gold peak from the golden days of trance.
Imagen de perfil de dashoost34
Editado hace 3 años
released late summer of 1998, 20 years this week to be precise. This track absolutely "floored" us when any DJ would put the needle to the record. I can remember the key notes playing, the sound almost felt like it was coming from up in the air somehow. Every DJ at clubs, raves & festivals were throwing down some mix version of Universal Nation in their sets, or as some people at first were calling it "The Real Anthem."
20 years later, I can honestly say the original is and always will be a masterpiece through and through and still holds up, somewhat today. For my money nothing compares to what Oliver Lieb did to the track with a rare honorable mention of a remix by Easton in 2008. Every other version from Corsten to Guy Barone pales in comparison to the Lieb, Easton and of course the original. "Proceed with visual attack formation." I've heard so many people have some strange ideas about the lyrics to that vocal clip from the 80's film The Last Starfighter. The funniest was one girl thought it said "proceed to the nearest emergency exit" She actually thought there was an emergency and was panicked. Great times, great music. M.I.K.E. where did you go? Come back to trance progressive. The renaissance is coming and you were the king.
Imagen de perfil de Spartakus
I wonder why the Universal Nation DJ Montana remix was never released oficially, it's really good. Only heard it on Tiesto Live @ Spacemountain II Mission Paris (16-04-2005)
Imagen de perfil de Bluelove
Universal Nation was indeed one of the most memorable tracks ever in the trance scene and even further... MIKE did a nice masterpiece, and the tune is still fresh in everybody's memory. The amount of remixes afterwards even boosted the track. Now 10 years later, Banshee/Bonzai is holding a contest where you can remix of their classic tracks. Universal Nation is one of them, I'm curious what people will do with a 2008 version.
Imagen de perfil de reyez187
Editado hace 15 años
"Universal Nation" was probably the stand out track of the year 1998 for loads of people. I've always liked the deep drive that 'pushes' the melody on this epic slammer. It feels as if the artist (officially named Dirk and not Mike at that time) had something to get off his chest, a tune from the gut. And that's exactly what was the case the evening this track was produced. Dirk had a big argument with his girlfriend and in the heat of the moment when emotions got a bit too strong he took off to the studio in order to cool down and to get some things straight. A few hours later Universal Nation was all set up. The rest is history.