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Sello:L'Inphantile Collective – L'C 014
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País:Czech Republic
Estilo:Death Metal, Prog Rock, Experimental, Industrial

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Recorded in Jan/Feb 2014 at : Den Records Studios

Their first album "atoma" is based upon the idea that we're constantly living in the past since there's always something more to be discovered.

is there any god out there? is there any truth hidden in the religions?

let's think about FIRE.
thousands years ago fire was something that we can compare to a time machine nowadays. in the modern life fire is something normal that would barely amaze a child but thousands years ago it was like a supernatural event.

The first input to the album concept comes from a Sumerian documentary which brings multiple questions to the table like:

- is it reasonable to think that Sumerian were aliens coming from a planet called Nibiru?
- will there be any chance, according to the human technology of that time, to build a Ziggurat or to have detailed informations about constellations?

Today we do not have enough evidence to declare at 100% what was going on thousands years ago so this is something that puts ourselves in a kind of "middle ground" situation.

What we really know at the moment is that our challenge today is a double discover because we don't know where we come from and on the other hand we're still looking at the sky without a sufficient amount of informations.

The only clear evidence is that WE DON'T KNOW. we don't know how egyptians builds the pyramids thousands years ago and we still don't know what are those weird objects that someome filmed from time to time and we still call U.F.O.

the album title is inspired by the koreshian "hollow earth" theory which puts forth the idea that the earth and the universe are contained within a concave sphere, The "atoma" is the name of the inner sun at the centre of our earth.

on the other hand the lyrics are based upon the fact that god's power is directly proportional to the human ignorance.

Think about an aborigines looking at an airplane flying in the sky. He'll probably look at it like an U.F.O.
At that point would be pretty easy for the pilot to introduce himself to the tribal population as GOD and probably they'll start worshipping it and telling to their babies something like "GOD came flying on a bird of thunder etc etc etc...". They'll probably draw strange figures and flying objects and do whatever the "pilot" will ask them to do.

so...what's the truth now? and this is something we can tell about Egyptian, Mayan, Aztecs just to name the most famous examples.

. . . and the final question is: are we different today?

well. It doesn't matter if you're religious or not but it's a matter of fact that milions of people all around the world strongly believes in something like that someone was able to walk on water but on the other hand they will never believe on U.F.O maybe.

so where's the difference now?

think about your everyday life. think about something simple as a phone call. If I want I can call a friend on the other side of the planet. Think about the image doing this and stick it to your brain. Then try to think about the world you're living in. what do you feel the closest option:

A - someone tells you that his friend his able to multiply drinks and to walk on water
B - someone show you a U.F.O. filmed with his cell phone

what sounds strange to you? in our real world the option A is called David Copperfield. The option B is something documented thousands time all over the planet. Why do we need real evidence for the option B but we can assume that option A is true even if it's written on a book 2000 years old? In conclusion it's not important what do you think but what's fundamental is to keep on THINKING.

. . . this is what ATOMA is all about . . .




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