Daft PunkRandom Access Memories

Sello:Columbia – 88883716861, Columbia – C 371686
2 x Vinilo, LP, Album, 180g
Género:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop
Estilo:Disco, Funk, Electro, Synth-pop

Lista de Títulos

A1Give Life Back To Music4:35
A2The Game Of Love5:22
A3Giorgio By Moroder9:04
B2Instant Crush5:37
B3Lose Yourself To Dance5:53
C1Touch 8:18
C2Get Lucky6:09
D2Fragments Of Time4:39
D3Doin' It Right4:11

Compañías, etc.


First catalog number on cover.
Second catalog number on labels.

Differences from other releases:
Back cover legal statement has only 3 lines of text instead of 4.
Back cover only lists Columbia and Daft Punk.

Gatefold sleeve. Booklet includes complete lyrics.
Includes a code for downloading the album in MP3, 320 kbps.

Sealed copies have a sticker on the front:
The new album from
Feat. Get Lucky & Lose Yourself To Dance
Daft Punk
180 gram double vinyl
Also includes digital download.
88883716861 S1

©2013 & ℗2013 Daft Life Limited under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment / Manufactured and Distributed by Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment / 550 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10222 - 3211 / "Columbia" and (logo) Reg, U.S. Pat. & Tm, Off, Marca Registrada / WARNING. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws

BPM is not provided on the record.
A1: 118-120 | A2: 90 | A3: 112-114
B1: 109-112 | B2: 110 | B3: 100
C1: 116/91 | C2: 116 | C3: 104
D1: 103 | D2: 130 | D3: 89 | D4: 124

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Código de Barras (Text): 8 8883-71686-1 8
  • Código de Barras (Scanned): 888837168618
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Label code all sides): C 371686
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Label side A): AL 88883716861
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Label side B): BL 88883716861
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Label side C): CL 88883716861
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Label side D): DL 88883716861
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side A etched [-30371- & P.USA stamped]): AL 88883716861-2 -30371- BD11929 - 01 - A2 P.USA Chab.☆
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side B etched [-30371- & P.USA stamped]): BL 88883716861-2 -30371- BD11929 - 01 - B2 P.USA Chab.☆
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side C etched [-30372- & P.USA stamped]): CL 88883716861-2 -30372- BD11929 - 02 - C2 P.USA Chab.☆
  • Matriz/zona muerta (Side D etched [-30372- & P.USA stamped]): DL 88883716861-2 -30372- BD11929 - 02 - D2 P.USA Chab.☆ IF LOVE IS THE ANSWER YOU'RE HOME

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Título (Formato)SelloCat. nºPaísAño
Random Access Memories (2×LP, Album, Stereo, 180 Gram)Columbia, Sony Music, Columbia, Sony Music88883716861, 88883 71686 1UK, Europe & US2013
Random Access Memories (CD, Album)Columbia88883716862Europe2013
Recientemente editado
Random Access Memories (CD, Album)Columbia, Sony Music88883716862Australia2013
Recientemente editado
Random Access Memories (13×File, FLAC, Album, Stereo, 24 bits / 88.2 kHz)Columbia0886443927087France2013
Recientemente editado
Random Access Memories (CD, Album, Limited Edition, Slipcase)Columbia88883716862Australia2013
  • Avatar de pneshati
    Great pressing, and wonderful album.
    A fitting conclusion to Daft Punk's discography.
    The detail in the recording is remarkable, and it comes out especially on D1. Motherboard.
    This would serve well as a test record for stereo setups.
    • Avatar de CanvasXI
      this mf sounds amazing! This is a version that you will regret not buying!
      • Avatar de Turkishtwist
        Love this record so much. So blessed to get a signed copy. This record is timeless
        • Avatar de Jonah7Discogs
          Quiet and dope pressing, but at side B when 'within' begins to play, I experience crackling noises. Even when I clean it with my record Butler, the crackling noises won't go away. :( Ideas?
          • Avatar de LeonTP
            With little info shared regarding the different cuts I took it upon myself to seek them out and compare.
            The idea that some proclaim the original Chab cut to be superior to Bens later 2021 cut is as far as I can tell completely overblown.
            I have both and after some switching between records I felt I couldnt say anything definitive over the Turntable. So I made some needledrops, normalized them, lined them up and switched instantly between them. Still, there is barely any difference here worth mentioning but if I had to say something its that the drums can have a bit more snap and punch on certain tracks of Bens cut while vocals can be slightly louder on Chabs. This varies though and I mainly tested A2, B2 and B3. While I do like present vocals, on B3 they actually become sibilant on the original while the 2021 cut is much more pleasant to listen to.
            In all other regards, they are near identical as far as I can tell. Theres no more dynamics on the original like some claim, or lack of distortion on Contact, or much greater clarity for that matter, they are pretty much the same. I do like the poly inners but thats about the only advantage it has since my new release came in perfect anyway.
            It all makes sense too. If you look up these engineers you will see that they all work at Translab in France and both were probably afforded the same source and equipment. I would hazard a guess the same goes for the 2017 Gopher cut as well.
            Bottom line is, dont worry about sound differences between these pressings too much, but if you want an original for collecting an easy way to tell is the lack of the Sony Music logo on the back of the sleeve.

            Equipment Used:
            Technics SL-1210GR Turntable with ATVM95ML Cartridge
            iFi iPhono 2 RIAA
            Cyrus 2 Amplifier
            System Fidelity SF-3050 Tower Speakers
            • Avatar de Zwiess
              One of the best pressings I've ever heard for any albums, the background noise is so quiet.

              My only issue is that the closing track, "Contact", appears to be warped which is a little disappointing since it's a great closer.
              • Avatar de artzox
                Great sound in terms of dynamics, as for the pressing - there is a lot of surface noise in between the songs...
                Price of 30E seems ok considering the the audiophile status of this album.
                • Avatar de flodwrana
                  Editado hace un año
                  This album is objectively my #1 performer. Got it off the shelf at HMV in 2013. Jaw dropping sonic magic. The sound is so alive, it's as if Daft Punk comes in through your speakers and steals your lunch money. Seemingly absent of surface noise, the fact that something can sound so warm and yet so detailed just makes me sad that they've retired.

                  I debate which of my LP's sounds the second best, but there is zero debate which is best.
                  • Avatar de vinnytain
                    What an incredible listening experience. Songs with the snare drum just pop. Very clean with no surface noise. I did a wet clean before playing the record.

                    Pro-Jet Evo Debut Carbon - Sumiko
                    • Avatar de seancascone
                      this pressing sounds amazing, this album is amazing. what more needs to be said, it’s random access memories!


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