AIR French Band* ‎– Moon Safari

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Source ‎– 7243 8 454681 6
Vinyl, LP, Album, Unreleased Gatefold Cover Version
16 Jan 1998
Future Jazz, Downtempo, Synth-pop

Lista de Títulos

A1 La Femme D'Argent
Handclaps – Caroline L.*, J.B. Dunckel*, N. Godin*, Alf*Organ [Solo] – Eric RegertSynthesizer [Mini Moog], Tambourine, Vocals – N. Godin*Synthesizer [Syrinx], Piano, Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Moog Solo], Vocals – J.B. Dunckel*
A2 Sexy Boy
Percussion – Marlon*Synthesizer [Syrinx], Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Talk Box], Tambourine, Electric Guitar – N. Godin*Synthesizer [Syrinx], Synthesizer [Moog Solo], Vocals – J.B. Dunckel*
A3 All I Need
Acoustic Guitar – P. Woodcock*Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Mini Moog] – N. Godin*Piano [Wurlitzer], Synthesizer [Korg Ms20] – J.B. Dunckel*Vocals – Beth Hirsch
A4 Kelly Watch The Stars
Clavinet, Flute [Syrinx], Glockenspiel, Handclaps, Piano, Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Mini Moog, Moog Solo, Vocoder] – J.B. Dunckel*Glockenspiel, Handclaps, Synthesizer [Casiotone, Moog Bass, Vocoder] – N. Godin*Percussion – Marlon*
B1 Talisman
Arranged By [Strings], Conductor [Orchestra] – David WhitakerElectronic Drums [Rhythm Box], Piano [Wurlitzer] – N. Godin*Percussion – Marlon*Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Mini Moog] – J.B. Dunckel*
B2 Remember
Electric Guitar, Synthesizer [Mini Moog, Roland, Talk Box, Vocoder], Tambourine – N. Godin*Piano [Wurlitzer], Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Vocoder], Vocals – J.B. Dunckel*
B3 You Make It Easy
Acoustic Guitar, Cymbal [Reverse Ride], Electronic Drums [Rhythm Box], Glockenspiel, Harmonica, Percussion, Synthesizer [Vague Moog] – N. Godin*Arranged By [Strings], Conductor [Orchestra] – David WhitakerPiano, Synthesizer [Casiotone] – J.B. Dunckel*Vocals – Beth Hirsch
B4 Ce Matin La
Acoustic Guitar, Cymbal [Reverse Ride], Harmonica, Shaker, Synthesizer [Rhodes Refrain], Vocals, Electric Guitar – N. Godin*Arranged By [Strings], Conductor [Orchestra] – David WhitakerClavinet, Synthesizer [Syrinx], Synthesizer [Mini Moog], Vocals – J.B. Dunckel*Tuba – P. Woodcock*
B5 New Star In The Sky
Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer [Talk Box, Vocoder] – N. Godin*Piano, Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Mellotron, Mini Moog, Vocoder] – J.B. Dunckel*Voice [Laughter] – Enfants Square Burcq
B6 Le Voyage De Penelope
Clavinet, Handclaps, Synthesizer [Mini Moog] – J.B. Dunckel*Electronic Drums [Rhythm Box], Handclaps, Piano, Synthesizer [Korg Ms20, Mini Moog] – N. Godin*



Gatefold Cover Version

Has Been Printed But Never Released And All Stocks Destroyed Apart From A Few Copies

Actual Record Is Strictly Identical To The One Of The Released Version

Código de Barras y Otros Identificadores

  • Barcode: 7243 8 454681 6
  • Matrix / Runout: Side 1: 449 781 A-1 THE EXCHANGE NILZ
  • Matrix / Runout: Side 2: 449 781 B-1 THE EXCHANGE NILZ

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