Moderna Descripción de música

Modern classical music. Refers to the period of modernism and covers Western classical music from period around 1890-1950 (or up to 1975 by different sources). This is a major group that includes sub-periods of Western Classical Music, such as:

* [Impressionist Music]( (c. 1890-1930) * Expressionist Music (c. 1900-1930) * [Neo-Classical Music]( (c. 1920-1950) * [Serialist Music]( (c. 1920-1975) There is a [Modern Classical]( tag on Discogs, which, despite its name, does not cover the time periods, but groups works where classical music traditional instruments are fused with electronic production or instruments. For post-1945 Western classical music, the tag [Contemporary]( is used.

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