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UK garage (also known as UKG) is a genre of electronic music originating from England in the early 1990s, based on the American garage house style. The genre usually features a distinctive syncopated 4/4 percussive rhythm with 'shuffling' hi-hats and beat-skipping kick drums. UK Garage tracks also commonly feature 'chopped up' and time-shifted or pitch- shifted vocal samples, complementing the underlying rhythmic structure at a tempo usually around 128 to 140 BPM. Speed Garage is a specific, brash early form of UK garage, and has its own tag.

UK garage developed into other styles of music in the mid-2000s, including dubstep and grime. Bassline also developed from UK garage, specifically from Speed Garage, and has its own tag. The decline of UK garage during the mid-2000s was followed by the birth of UK Funky, which again has its own tag, and brings in influences from tribal house, broken beat and soca. Provided by Wikipedia under Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0

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