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publicó un comentario en Space (3) - Space. 3 months ago
I bought it when it came out, never listened to it much until a few years later. As an Orb fan this is such a good release and better than most Orb and KLF releases, one you can listen to today
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Happy to say I still have the original promo kaleidoscope that came wit this release
publicó un comentario en Steinski & The Mass Media* - The Motorcade Sped On. 4 months ago
Yup - I have same NME copy from when I read it weekly
publicó un comentario en Concept 1 - 01:96 - 12:96. 4 months ago
I still want this box so much. I look at the price and think again for now as I am building as Rephex Records techno museum first. Tracks are cold, minimal and still sound fresh. This box will be mine
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One of my favourite DHR releases - teenage force deployed
publicó un comentario en The Kosmik Kommando - 4 Tabs EP. 5 months ago
Bang bang bang. Love it. A 5/5 release in a wonderful colour too.
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Now it’s funny you say that as it happened like that to me as well.
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I remember buying their first proper release, I remember hating Freakwincy, loving afx and Squarepusher. I am currently going backwards and repacking all th cd purchases with vinyl so I can have the complete Rephlex Disco Assault Squad collection in my ... Ver crítica completa